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The Birds are done!

Thanks to a trip to the ER for SG yesterday. :sigh: He's been diagnosed with, deep pain on his right side, under the ribcage. His appendix was out when he was 16, so we knew it wasn't that, but it was getting worse so - in we went!

3 hours later, we were home. I had brought ONLY the Firebirds, because I was 8 rounds from binding them off - good call. Got them finished while he was having a CAT-scan, then started on the embroidery. :Sigh: Socks should be DONE when you bind off.....ah, well - they look MUCH better with the embroidery. :grin:

State of the me: The swelling is just about gone, but the bruises are starting to change color. It's all loverly black-and-blue now. I was pretty sure the doc was full of it - no, it hasn't started running down my leg (I....didn't think it worked that way), but the bruise on my ankle has gotten larger. I've started using E-balm on it to try and speed the healing (I can now stand to touch it!), so hopefully it'll be "normal" soon.

We've got a call in to SG's doc, so I better skitter. Shabbat Shalom and Happy Sukkot!

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