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I owe pictures...

because yesterday was the BEST garage sale day EVER. EVER!

We didn't plan on hitting any yesterday, but the Lord had different plans for us. We got up intending to go gather more logs - and the truck was DOA. Not totally - the radio and lights work, but it won't crank at all. So, into the car we went - we had planned on doing some running around before gathering wood - and headed out.

SG wasn't paying attention, and headed into work. :lol: I said something, so he decided to go thru a residential area to get back on track...and there was an Estate Sale. Now, I'm a sucker for sales at old Historic homes - and out town has a LOT of turn-of-the 20th-Century homes. I didn't want to BUY anything (honestly!), I just wanted to poke around this lovely Victorian home.

Now, I live in a very Christian area. Our town has a population of 6,500 +/-. There are at least 10 churches IN town, plus a bunch more in the surrounding areas (you've heard of the Bible Belt? I live in the very buckle. :lol: It's Texas - it's a BIG buckle!) So imagine our surprise to find Judaica at this sale! I scored a lovely menorah and a set of 6 glasses (I think they're for Pesach, but I haven't tried to translate them yet.) I left 2 Jewish aprons - 1 was stained, 1 was ORANGE. :shudder:

Anyway, we did our errands, then hit an Antique Mall, where SG scored 2 new-to-him planes (at 10% off!), AND he scored me a set of #8 wool carders (in Good! condition!) for $12 and an almost new LeClerc shuttle - for $4!!!!!!! And a metal rolling pin for Herself at 75% off!!!!!!! (for clay work - I want my silicone rolling pin back!)

Knitting Report: Frogged the scarf again. I decided that I was experienced enough that if that little voice kept telling me that something was Not Right, I needed to pay attention. In the round, stranded, it was too damn thick to wrap around a neck, so I'm knitting it flat. Yes, the back will be ugly - but it'll be usable.

Goats: I have 2 sick goats, and I'm not sure what's going on. We lost Vinnie yesterday - Thursday he had gotten his head stuck in the fence, and I think the other bucks beat him up while he was stuck. We got his head unstuck, but he didn't stand back up and quit eating. :sigh: Now the gray "fun size" cashmere is exhibiting signs of polio - and it doesn't look good right now. I've been sticking him with Thiamine, but....I'm not sure it's doing anything. And Frosty - Annie's daughter - is thin and a little weak. She's on the shot regimen as well - she's eating, I got her up this AM, but she layer back down after a few minutes. :sigh: The only new feed is the hay - we never know where the bales come from - and with this drought there's no telling WHAT kind of quality/weeds we have. :big sigh: I'll keep popping them with Thiamine...but I think I'm about to be down 1 Cashmere. :sad: This is the part I HATE about animal husbandry....but it's part of it. Doesn't mean I have to like it.....

Gotta skitter - school today, because Wednesday is shopping day. If we start out week today, we can take Wed. off.

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