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Some photos to amuse you....

because I got nuthin'. I'm battling sleeplessness - it's hard to sleep when my leg hurts so darn much! - and trying to keep up with the school work. Forget the housework! :lol:

Herself has been busy with her kiln. I'm not sure we're doing it right - the cones that are supposed to bend when you hit the correct temps are turning white and NOT bending, but....we appear to have achieved porcelain. Here's a set of buttons she made for me:

Porcelian buttons

They're for my "Fiber Festival" socks - and a new pair I'll be making soon (I don't like gray...I want a pair in green, with white and black sheep on them. :lol:) She's also made some pendants and earring parts, but she hasn't done anything with them yet.

Next up, some of our garage sale finds! Here's the glassware:

Pesach glasses

And a closeup of the decoration:

Pesach glasses front

From what I can tell, it says "Fruit of the Vine"....I do better at translating what I hear than I do what I read.

And here's the Menorah - sorry it's sideways! I can't figure out how to get LJ's new design to let me rotate photos. :sigh:

Menorah front

I think it says "Hanukkah" on it - please correct me if I'm wrong!

And finally, I give you Cabled Scarf, V. 4.0. Yup - this is the *4th* attempt at this *&%$*%^)% scarf! I had to re-write the stinking pattern (because I can't stand miss-crossed cables!) and I'm doing it flat now, instead of in the round. :sigh: I'm much happier with the thing now - I just need to KNIT it.

cabled scarf

Yes, it's stranded cable-knitting. Not hard, kinda fun. I have realized that I need something more interesting than just plain knitting if I want to finish the projects - plain knitting requires self-striping or wildly multi-colored yarn. Stranded knitting is fun, but cables.....I like cables, but apparently I get bored too easily with them. How else can I explain the half-finished Aran sweater and kilt hose? :lol:

I had some pics of my leg, but....I don't feel comfortable putting my ugly bruises on line. Plus the photos washed out the bruises, making them look less ugly...the one of my ankle made it look like it was not that bad - in reality, it's a black and blue mess. (The photo? Washed it out to a medium brown. Weird!)

SG has a doctor's appointment tomorrow, and he just decided that he wants me there, too. :sigh: So, shopping is put off until Thursday. Fun times!

Guess I need to work on that scarf again......

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