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Tadpole: We started homeschooling primarily because Himself was being bullied in school. Badly. To the point of self-harm, even. And not just by the kids, but the *teachers*, too.

See, he's......I can't say this without sounding like I'm bragging, sorry - he tests in the 99% percentile across the board. With an extreme tendency in Math and Science. Also, I started taking the kids to NASA in 2003 - we went almost every year until we got the goats - so when it comes to space-type stuff, he KNOWS what he's talking about. And when the teacher in his 5th grade class said something that the Hubble had disproved, he politely spoke up...and got sent to the principal. I got a little upset, and sent him in the next day with a book that PROVED that what he had said was true...and he got sent to the office AGAIN. That was the final straw - I got his psychologist to agree that homeschooling was best for him, and we pulled him out (I was nice, and waited until the Mar. benchmark testing was done) in March of that year. We then pulled Herself out at the end of the year - with her being on the Spectrum, High School was NOT going to be a good idea.

It was tough at first, but we've hit our stride now and are cruising along. No regrets at all!

Knitting: Scarf is 1/4 done. :huzzah: I was able to score a copy of Willow Ware (another Tsock pattern!), so I'll be dyeing up some yarn for it today or tomorrow - but won't start it until AFTER all the presents are done. :bounce:

Leg: Lovely bruises. Swelling slightly down. :sigh:

Homeschool: Did you know that only *1* store within 50 miles of me carries Rye flour? And I NEED Rye flour for tomorrow's baking class????? Shout-out to the Central Market in N. Dallas - not only did they have my flour, but the Ass't Manager (I think - she was in a Harley Quinn costume) went out of her way to find me the Caraway Seeds I needed. FANTASTIC customer service!!!!!

Gotta run and buy dog food, then fire up the dye pots. Laters!

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