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Picture Post...

and an apology - I'm trying to cut back on Internet time so as to get all the knitting done. I have half a scarf, 2 hats and 1 (2) pair(s) of socks to get done by Dec. 16. :sigh: So, less reading/commenting/posting for a bit.

Anyway, photos!

First up, scarf update! I've finished 10 out of approximately 20 repeats. :sigh:

Celtic Scarf

Next up, dye days:

First up, the blues - the top is Rhapsody in Blue :lol: and the bottom is Blue China.

Blue Yarns

Here's Meadow (for Fiber Festival, V.2.0):

Green yarn

And Herself's been busy, too! Here's what she's been doing with Polymer Clay lately:

Stormfly, Astrid's dragon from "How to Train Your Dragon":

Stormfly pendant

And Toothless for me!

Toothless pendant

She even made a chain mail choker for my pendant, so I can wear it.

Toothless necklace

You can't see his expression, but she put a cute smirk on Toothless's face. I love him!

Art Deco-ish Moth:

Moth pendant

She's really into Skyrim - so she chibi-ized the head dragon, Alduin:

Close-up so you can see the details:

Alduin pendant

And the finished necklace:

Alduin necklace

I keep telling her, these would SELL. She's just not quite ready for that yet - hope she gets there soon!

Time to skitter - got to get school started!

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