Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's raining!!!!!!

Which we need - desperately. It started yesterday AM, and has gone on - nice, steady, and slow! - ever since.

I "finished" the scarf yesterday - i.e. I met my repeat number - but. I had Himself try it on, and it's too short. It needs 7 more, I'm still knitting. For fun, I did the math - by the time I'm done, this scarf will have approximately 21,500 stitches. A typical pair of socks has 20,000, so it's in line with my typical knitting - only, it's flat and has tons of purls. :sigh: and :lol: I told Himself I had PROOF of my love for him, and showed him the calculations. :snicker:

Sunday, Herself and I hit an Estate Sale during Football. (Yup. It's Football season - it's almost a holiday around here when the Cowboys play. :bleck:) Well, we SCORED - while we were looking, the "hostess" came up and asked if we needed an exercise bike. Um, yeah - tell me about it! Marked $40, it's an DP Air Gometer, in almost new condition. She said everything was, for $20 I grabbed it.

EVERYTHING works on it - even the electronics! I put it in the breakfast area, because anywhere else it won't be used - and it NEEDS to be used. And not just by me, if you get my drift. :snicker: (SG has been saying for over a YEAR that we needed to buy an exercise bike. Over that time, I have found many, many bikes for cheap, but he always found a reason to NOT buy it. This time? He wasn't with me, and I had a $20 bill in my purse. And a very helpful enabler in Herself. :snicker: The Lord is indeed Good!

He hasn't been on it at all; I've been on it ever since we brought it home. Here's hoping it helps!

Have to run pick up some work today, so we need to get started soon. Laters!

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