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Shabbat Shalom!


Previous Entry Shabbat Shalom! Nov. 7th, 2014 @ 11:24 am Next Entry
Herself has been feeling sick, so I've spent the last 2 nights on the futon (for some reason, when she's feeling "off", she wants to sleep on the sofa. :Sigh: And she wants Mama near. :big sigh:

She's not feeling TOO bad though - right now the kids are doing their Home-Ec class. This week, it's Carrot Cake from scratch...and my kitchen is a disaster area. *I* am staying out of it - I will advise, I will demonstrate, but I am NOT doing the actual baking/mixing/reading of recipe. That's all on them. So far, Himself's done the dry mixing while Herself's done the wet - I had to shred the carrots, because the food processor kinda scares *both* of them. :snicker: It should go well with tonight's dinner - I put chili in the crock pot this AM, and it smells FABULOUS.

2.5 repeats to go on the scarf! I can see the light!!! :lol:

I need to stay off of Ravelry a bit.....see, Rav has a function where you can look up patterns/yarns and see what people have done with them. You can also look into people's stashes to see what the yarns look like under different lighting conditions. However.....Rav also has a function within "Stash" called "For Sale or Trade". :gulp: VERY dangerous, that is!

I, um...well. I scored a "Lucky Jack" Tsock Tsarina kit from a destash, and the pattern for "Lobster Quadrille". And an online friend picked up "York and Lancaster" for me from the Fiber Festival this Weekend (I think it's the "Big E", but I'm not sure.)...so I have 3 Tsocks coming. And another I've inquired about. :sigh: I need to step AWAY from the forum. :lol: (I LOVE Tsocks. They aren't normal mindless knitting, which is why I like them. And they're always inventive!) Oh, and I have a few more marked for later.....

Anyway. I need to see why the kitchen's gone quiet, and start thinking about lunch.

Hope your weekend goes well!!

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