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Busy, as usual....

but at least I have a working sink again. Oh, wait - yeah, didn't mention that. Well, we had a leak in the kitchen sink. Thought it was the disposer, so we bought a new one and SG replaced it. Only, it wasn't the disposer - it was the faucet. So, last weekend we went to the Plumbing Supply place and got new gaskets. Only, it wasn't that. :sigh:

So. Saturday we went back to the Plumbing Supply place, and bought a new faucet. It took SG 2 days to install it, because the plumbers that installed the last faucet apparently decided it was going to last forever. :big sigh: But! I now have a bright and shiny new faucet! That doesn't leak!!!

We also got a new game for Family Night (every Friday evening is Family Night, and we take turns choosing what we're going to do - as a family. Board Games feature prominently, as do movies.) While out Saturday, we hit Barnes & Noble....and Himself found a very interesting version of Yahtzee: Firefly! With Serenity as the dice cup!!! Yes, we bought it - it'll go with our Star Wars Monopoly set. :lol: (We were going to get the Dr. Who Yahtzee - the one with the Dalek dice cup - but Firefly trumped it. We'll go back and get the Dr. Who Risk game later. :snicker: And the Firefly Clue. Because board games are better when they're geeky!) (Case in Point: We spend more time playing Star Trek Catan instead of the original Catan. And Star Fluxx wins over Fluxx/Martian Fluxx/Zombie Fluxx.....but Monty Python Fluxx is almost as popular. :rofl:)

Knitting: Well, I WAS finished with the scarf.....but I made the critical error of asking Himself if it was long enough. 2 repeats before, it had been. was deemed a Little Too Short. :bangs head: I am NEVER going to finish it - it's going to be the project that never ends. :falls over: It's almost 5 feet...I am going to get it to 5 feet, and then I am DONE. For Real.

Today is our anniversary, AND the Marine Corps Birthday. Semper Fi, y'all!

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