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Baby, it's C-C-C-C-COLD outside!

This is the coldest we've been this early, according to the forecasters. All I know is, I am FREEZING. We need to have a sweep come out before we can fire up the wood stove...and I am feeling it. :brrrrrrr:

Loki is at the Vet, getting his dangly-bits removed. Poor guy....he was really talking when we got there. I don't envy them when he wakes up - he's sure to let his displeasure show! :lol:

Oh! If you're in the market for a paper cutter, you NEED to go to - they have a $45 cutter on sale at a 100% discount. No, I didn't mistype - it's FREE right now. Full discloser - I have one on the way to me right now. :lol: I ran across these guys looking for cheaper laminating pouches - they have the best prices I've found - and then this hit my inbox. You're welcome! :wink:

The scarf is FINISHED. DONE. Washed and blocking as we speak. :happy dance: It ended up right at 6' long......I'll be CO a hat in a few minutes. :happy dance:

Not much else going on here - waiting for the Vet to call, and waiting to hear about family members doctor reports. And freezing. Did I mention it's COLD here? (What?? It was 33* this AM - and in the 40's right now. For *here*, that's FREEZING. There's a reason I've never looked to moving elsewhere - I don't do Cold very well. Heat? Bring it ON - but cold? Not so much. Even WITH wool I'm miserable.)

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