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What do you call white cold stuff... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

About What do you call white cold stuff...

Previous Entry What do you call white cold stuff... Nov. 18th, 2014 @ 03:45 pm Next Entry
that falls from the sky?? Because I have picture proof of such a thing *here*, on my Jeep. And the roof of the house. And in the yard. :lol:

Yup. We got about 0.5" Sunday evening. It was all gone by about Noon yesterday, but it was pretty. And cold. 23* this AM, as a matter of fact. :shiver: And we're supposed to hit 70* by....the weekend? I think. :crazy weather:

We spent today house-sitting. We headed out there yesterday, but the plumber (who we were going to wait on) had a family emergency and had to reschedule to today. We turned around and came back home - no big deal. Today, though - I am 12 rounds from finishing the central motif of the hat I'm knitting. :happy dance: I'll get back on it in a bit -right now I'm playing with my MyBinding.com order.

The FREE paper cutter is cool - it works like a charm! MUCH better than my $20 Cricut one (that died). The laminating pouches feel just like the Scotch ones I've been using - at less than HALF the price. I'm going thru and laminating all my Tsock Tsarina patterns - I ordered Half-Sheet pouches just for them. Works a treat! I know where I'll be getting all my laminating supplies from now on! ($10.95/100 letter-sized pouches. Wally-World has them at $15.95/50. I'm just saying.....)

Tomorrow is Ortho day....since yesterday and today were all messed up, I cancelled school for the rest of the week. I"m going to TRY to get soap photos and update the website (desperately needed, since SOMEBODY :lol: has linked me. (THANK YOU!!!) I've have a lot of scents that aren't listed, and I need to rectify that. And I want to get the kids to do some creative writing and help me with descriptions.)

Gotta skitter - need to finish up laminating!

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