Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Open for Business....

I FINALLY got the webpage updated with almost ALL of the scents I have on hand. There are a few that were too...ugly to be listed, but :whew:! What a job!

Inventory was easy - Herself helped; we were done in less than 45 minutes. What took the longest (and I've been working on this since 8 AM today!) was that Weebly has changed their easy-to-use format to something less easy. :sigh: That's progress, right?

Anyway. The site is Barker Glen Farm; feel free to poke around and see if anything's broken/looks weird. I did a LOT of updating!

The biggest change is that I broke the soap out between milk and non-milk/LE. There's a drop-down under "Soap" now, and the main soap page has 2 buttons to go to the respective page. (THAT took a while to figure I said, Weebly isn't as user-friendly as it was.)

I want to re-do some of the photos; SG is the designated photographer, but he hasn't wanted to take the time to do a photo-shoot of *soap*. :lol: I tried to match his style...but I am NOT a photographer. The photos work...but I'd like to get him to re-do them for me. Someday.........

All the soaps listed are in stock; the Whey Cool Sea Dog is the only one in very limited quantity (5. I made more a few weeks ago, but it was made it a bad batch of lye and I haven't made cheese again so I can re-make it. :sigh:) Grandma's Flower Garden has 9 (but they are....kinda ugly. The swirls didn't; the bars are mostly solid rose.) The 2 luxury bars are limited, but I have at least 10 of each. The rest? I have at least 1 full batch of each (18 bars) - most I batches. :snicker:

In other words, I have a lot of soap. :rofl: I also need to update the farm's been over a year! :yikes!:

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