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Today was a good mail day....

as was last night. *g* Last night, all the books I ordered the kids (Star Wars, naturally!) hit, as did a CD set and book collection for me.

Today.....whoo! Today all the uniforms hit. It was such fun going thru the boxes (even though it wasn't for *me*) looking at all the pristine shirts, shorts, and pants. My kids will be the best-dressed kids in the school district, I think!

Everything came in well, except for 1 of Himself's shirts. Seems UPS and Walmart don't get along to well - his shirt has grease or something black on it, and since it's a *white* shirt it looks horrid. I'll be taking it in this week to either get my money back or exchange it for a new one. Considering it was only 1 shirt out of.....26 I'm not complaining. (I ordered 13 for each of them, in varying colors.)

Our district hasn't officially gone to uniforms, but they have a *very* strict dress code. Pants/skirts/shorts/jumpers (for girls) can only be blue or khaki. Shirts must be solid was easier and cheaper to just get the uniforms. They'll last longer (spoken from experience, here - I have some of Herself's uniforms from pre-K that are still alive and kicking and going into Himself's closet for this year! She's going into 3rd grade...) and are actually cheaper than jeans. They look nicer, too...

Off to see what kind of shade I can find for the pool - it's hot. We hit 100 yesterday, I think, and the water was warm when we got home. I don't like swimming in body-temp's icky. *g*
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