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SG is still a sore boy, but his foot *is* better. Not a lot, but...better. Didn't help that we stupidly hit Wally-World on Thursday evening......WoW. I hadn't hit a Black Friday event in YEARS.....this year Wally-World had some appliances super cheap, and Herself said she'd never been to one and wanted to see if it really was as bad as she had heard. YUP.

Why people went crazy over saving $5 I cannot fathom. Seriously - I can't even fathom it for the larger savings, but $5?????? There were people shoving and pushing and grabbing things out of other people's hands.....she and I stood on the sidelines and waited for the frenzy to pass. SG moved in and got the coffee maker and Pyrex storage sets we wanted.....we heard a lot of ruckus in the Electronics department. If you think we went over THERE, you are *crazy*.

We went back on Saturday. :evil grin: The rush was way over, and they still had most of the stuff. SG bought me my birthday prezzie - a Fitbit Flex (for $69. $30 off - WITHOUT the crazy!), and grabbed a few PS3 games. We had almost gotten to the car when he said "You know, I should have gotten ME a Fitbit, too - they had 2, right? I.....erm....." I said "Do you want me to go back and grab the last one?" "YES! Here's my card!" :snicker:

So last night I set mine up, and today started tracking. I.....well. I am too stationary, even with the bike. Herself and I just got back from a walk - 2.85 miles; not quite 7,000 steps. The goal is 10,000/'s gonna take me a bit to get to that point. (We shall not discuss SG. Granted, he has a sore foot right now...but.......)

Friday we hit the Homestead Fair again. It......OK. *I* do not think it was worth the time or the money to go, because - let's face it, we already DO most of the stuff they're "teaching". I spin, knit, weave (and tat and soon bobbin lace, neither of which they offer), I learned basket-making last year, I make cheese and soap, we milk goats (AND collect fiber), raise chickens, have horses.....the only thing any one of us was interested in was the woodworking "seminar" - which SG attended. (And, um....we have The Woodwright's Shop on our FruitTV. Free. PBS has an app. NO driving, NO parking fee, and we can watch any episode at any time.) So, we spent a total of 4.5 hours in the car and $10 in parking for a 1 hour seminar. (We did give our parking pass to a van coming in, since it's good all weekend and we weren't coming back.)

The only "good" thing was that we hit the Czech Stop Bakery in West, TX on the way back. Fresh, handmade kolaches, anyone? YUM. THOSE are worth the trip!

I need to get back to knitting. I'm stalled on the band for Herself's's BORING. Cabled, yes, but GRAY yarn. :ice: I got another project requested on Turkey Day for SG's stepmom - she needs some fingerless gloves. I picked up some acrylic at Wally-World - she's worth wool, but I *know* she won't care for it properly, so nice acrylic it is. I just need to get the stinking hat done so I can focus on them. :sigh:

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