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I forgot this - because I am trying to forget it for real. :weak grin: It...well.

We have......many dogs. Critical mass, to be exact. Bailey, Bree and Kenzie are "good" dogs - they tend to spend most of their time imitating speed bumps. a pain, but not destructive. Chloe...well, she's been destro-mutt from day 1, and she's taught Riley some bad habits.

We think Loki is a wonder-dog, but I am beginning to think he's got us snowed. Why? Because the destruction had slowed down, until he came back from his operation. All of a sudden there's been an uptick in mischief.

We left the house at 8-ish Friday morning, and walked in the door at 5:15. When we pulled up to the gate, I saw *something* out in the backyard, but couldn't tell what it was. So, we unloaded and I went into the backyard to assess the damage.

Somehow - and I still can't figure this out! - 1 of the dogs managed to get MY violin case thru the pet door and into the backyard. Now, this is a rectangular case, with the pocket on top for music.'s NOT a small case by any means. Somehow, they managed to get it thru the pet door (something like 12" x 22", IIRC) and around the side of the house.

WITHOUT damaging the violin or bow. The case, however.....the music pocket is gone, and the music that was in it was scattered all over the yard (I think I found all of it. :sigh:) The strap was chewed in 2, and they tried to get into the case, but they didn't succeed. Both SG and Herself were amazed that the instrument was unharmed; I reminded them that I bought that case 2 years ago and that it was Airline rated - meaning it was meant to be tossed around in an airplane's cargo hold. So *I* am not surprised that the violin came to no harm.

But STILL - how did they manage that? The case isn't that lightweight - Loki couldn't have drug it, I don't think, but Chloe has NEVER even sniffed the instruments. Riley...well, he was caught hauling a chair cushion out the door last Wednesday, and he's capable of dragging things. Chloe, of course, is perfect capable of dragging the case, but.....she's more of the destroy-in-place kind of destructor. Not a haul-outside type. :Sigh:

So, I need to buy a new case. Again. (This is actually my old violin that SG traded me for. He bought me a really, really nice Italian violin when he was taking lessons to "replace" my nice German one. He had purchased (against my advice!) a cheap Chinese set when he decided he wanted to learn to play, and he found a really good teacher. The teacher was....not that impressed with the instrument, but told him it would work for a bit while he learned. Then SG brought my violin to his next lesson and was told that it was EXCELLENT for a beginner to an intermediate player, and why did he spend money on a Chinese one when he had access to this one, and...well, he then decided that he NEEDED mine. So, he made me an offer and hauled me to a violin shop. Funny thing? He had said he couldn't afford a decent instrument which is why he went Chinese. The one he bought me? Was almost $2K. :bangs head: and :lol:) (And, much as I love my original violin, I love this one 10x. It's...well, it's got a richer voice. And no, I don't play much any more because of my wrist problems. So for him to insist on buying me a new one? It was kinda stupid/silly, y'know? But he insisted. :sigh:)

Oh, and then yesterday SG decided to be Hanukkah Harry. :lol: New video games for all! We're now set up for the kids/kids & SG to play co-op on Destiny...and they're already looking for more games to play together. I don't mind - the kids get along a lot better since they started playing video games together, and I hope it works with SG, too (He...doesn't "get" teens. At all. :big sigh:)

Anyway, I think we're now up to date. I need to print off the rest of our History assignments (MoH 4 finally shipped! I got it last week, so need to print out the rest of the year's stuff.) And knit - I'm tired of the hat, but need to get it done. :sigh: (I'm tired of cables. To try and speed it up I've started cabling without a cable needle - something I've resisted for a long time. Now? I want to get it done. :lol:) (It says a lot about my growth as a knitter - 2 years ago cables were my favorite thing. Now? Hate 'em! I'd MUCH rather do color-work.)

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