Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It was an eventful day....

We just got home from the ER. Today was Take-the-Aunt-Shopping-Day. We were at her local Thrallmart (about 50 miles from home), in the checkout, when Herself suddenly said "I'm hot. And I can't see!"...and she fainted into the grocery cart. She came too almost immediately, and I made her sit down and put her head between her knees while I finished checking out (we were almost done, and the store was pretty packed. No, I'm not heartless - she said - at that point - she was fine). Wrapped it up, got her up, walked about 5 feet, and she said "Nope!" and gracefully fell to the floor.

Luckily, Himself caught her so she landed softly. 2 Paramedics were suddenly *there*, and they did a quick evaluation. All her vitals were normal, she seemed fine, so they let her go - after I promised to call her doctor, which I did once we were in the car.

Doc said "Nope! Go to the ER with her!". SO, we took Auntie home and unloaded, then I called SG and we headed to our ER, where he met us.

Got there around 12:30. At 4:30, they decided it was dehydration (fits) and told us what we needed to do. At 5, they let us go, so we ran home, fed critters, then headed to dinner (because the doc said that lack of food might contribute, as well.)

So, she and I have challenged each other in regards to water consumption. IF this happens again, she'll go in for an EKG harness - the EKG today was perfect, but it was only for that period of time we were there. The doc said next step is a 3-day test, to rule out any oddity.

So - how was your day????

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