Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Let's play catch-up!

Not that there's too much to report. Been knitting on prezzies - 1 fingerless mitt done, the other is about 1/5 done. It'll go fast once I get past the "lace" portion of the wrist, but it's BORING. Still, needs to get done. Then I have 1 hat (House Stark from GoT) and 1 cowl (which will be done *last*, because I already know it'll suck the life right out of me. Auntie requested "plain, nothing difficult. In red. But Plain, you hear?"....which, if I knit a plain cowl I'd be poking my eyeballs out with my needles. So, she'll get some sort of pattern - not complicated, but something not Boring. I haven't found the perfect pattern the hat comes first.

My dryer died a spectacular death on Wednesday. Himself did laundry, put his stuff in the dryer and started it. About 10 minutes later, we all started smelling a nasty, rubbery, burning something - I think the belt died. The clothes all smelled NASTY, so I rewashed them yesterday AM. NO problem - I have a clothesline! Only, the dogs had eaten the line. No Problem - SG bought new line Wednesday evening! I spent yesterday AM re-stringing the line....Only, it RAINED yesterday. :sigh: So, the house looks like a laundry - we've got clothes hanging in every doorway. The repair guys will be out on Tuesday.....

Fitbit! I met my daily step challenge (10K) Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I kinda think I won't meet it today - I am *beat*. Still - lost 2.5 pounds in those 3 days, so that's something. I'm still tracking what I eat in Lose It; the Fitbit counts my steps and links to Lose It, so......isn't technology grand?

Gotta skitter - have to deliver the finished work this morning, so I gotta get moving. Shabbat Shalom!

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Tags: blather, knitting

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