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Everything's moving at warp speed around here...


Previous Entry Everything's moving at warp speed around here... Dec. 24th, 2014 @ 05:55 am Next Entry
with family visits, SG home (ugh.....I love the man, but there's a point of Too Much Togetherness, y'know?), cold......we're still here, just busy.

Yesterday was visit the Grands day - fun, but also sad. They're showing their ages now......at least the kids got to visit with them for a few hours.

Today is grocery day - we're planning on heading out Early to miss the last-minute shoppers. Can't wait for next month, when things go back to "normal".

Tomorrow is Movie-and-lunch-out day. Not sure what movie we'll see, but the 2 front-runners are The Imitation Game and Night at the Museum 3. Whatever - it'll be fun!

Hope you had a Happy Hanukkah!

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