Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
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and rainy, here. We need the rain, but I could do without the freezing temps. :shiver:

We saw Night at the Museum was good. Sad, especially at the end when the decision is made about the tablet, but good. Still want to see the Imitation Game. :grin:

I a suffering from an inability to count to 6. I've had to rip out the Aunt's cowl 3x now....:sigh: Still, it should be finished today. I hope.

We went to Half Price yesterday - I picked up 1 of the 2 books I'm missing in the Aubrey/Maturin series, plus the unfinished 21st (I'm reading the 4th, now. Would be further along, but I only seem to read on the weekends.). Also got a copy of Jenny Dean's "Wild Color" - for $8. (Less the 20% sale!) No, I don't do natural dyeing - but at that price I couldn't leave it.

Oh! I hit Etsy for *me*, this year. Don't have it yet, but I scored a pair of painted Converse-clones for - get this! - $35. HAND-painted, in any theme you want. I got a pair of Dr. Who shoes - we're going to Comic Con this February, and while I don't dress up (Herself has a costume almost ready to go), I do like to let my Geek flag fly. (And since there's 3 Dr. Who actors going to be there, plus 2 ST:TNG and 2 StarGate....yeah, it's gonna be FUN!). I had planned on trying to decorate my own, but I priced the shoes.....$39 for Converse at the Famous Footwear Outlet. $20 for Converse clones at Wally-world. $5 for comic books to cut up (to decoupage unto the shoes), plus modpodge and resin (to waterproof the shoes) the time I started figuring up my time, I figured it was cheaper - and easier! - to just buy a pair already hand-painted.

Hanukkah was a hit this year - Himself scored video games (I have to say - go with Humble Bundle. A slew of games for whatever YOU want to pay, proceeds go to charity. Pay more than the minimum (usually around $6), and you get another game or 2. These are GOOD games, too, not alpha ones - one of the latest bundles included Bioshock 1 and 2!); Herself got woolies and crafting stuff. Good times!

Gotta run - need to dig up some food, then head out to start morning stables. It's COLD......ah, well. It's December - it should be cold!

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