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Goodbye, 2014! Hello, 2015!

We're ending the year with colds.....:sigh: Could be worse - it's just me and SG (but he has a MAN-cold, which is, of course, 10x worse than my little-bitty cold. :snerk:); the kids seem to have dodged this one. :fingers crossed:

2014 wasn't too bad. I:

got over my fear of color-work, and am now Master of my knitting. No fear any more - sure, some things might still be a bit difficult, but I can knit ANYTHING. Eventually. :lol:

got comfortable with my sewing machine. I'm not fearless - yet! - but I'm getting there.

learned more about goat health. Still lost some - but managed to save some, too. Not a great year, but it could have been worse.

In 2015, I:

want to make actual *clothes*. Pants, specifically. We've hit Half Price 3x in the past 4 days (yes, even with a cold I can be bribed to go out with the promise of "free" books!) - one of my scores was a book on how to make patterns off of your favorite clothes. Without destroying said clothes! So, I plan on reading it and attempting to copy my favorite yoga pants. THEN, I'll make my "ultimate" pants - the bombachas.

want to knit a bunch of socks. I managed 9 pair this year - I'd like to make at least 12 in 2015. Hopefully more - yes, I do have a sock drawer full of handmade socks, but about half of them are over 10 years old and starting to fall apart. So, the plan is to buckle down and knit socks - mostly for me, but I do have a few patterns for Herself and SG (Himself will NOT let me knit him socks for some reason. I'm working on him!) I still need to finish Herself's hat, Himself's kilt hose, and my hat (started it yesterday, but stopped when I realized I couldn't count to 2. :sigh:)

want to have fun with soap. I scored some geek-y silicone molds from ThinkGeek, and I'd like to use them to make samples to toss into orders/sell for $2 or so, so that people can test scents without investing in full-size bars. I think it'll be fun, and a good way to test new scents, as well.

want to weave more! My loom is sulking, and I MISS weaving. Knitting just kinda took over this year (21 projects, according to Ravelry). So, I want to try to fit in some loom time.

My head is muddled, so I'll stop here. I'm sure I missed a bunch...ah, well. Happy New Year, y'all!

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