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We're still fighting colds here - I remembered Zicam, so have gotten off relatively lightly (as has Herself, because she LISTENS to her mother and takes weird things when I suggest them)....SG, not so much. He thinks pharmacists know more than a mere female does, and spent $20 on OTC cold meds. (Versus a mere $6 on my Zicam generic.) He's got a nasty cough, horribly stuffed head, and generally horrid attitude. :sigh: He finally gave in and bought himself a bottle of the generic....and lo and behold, he's gotten a little better in 24 hours! :rolls eyes:

We spent a few hours yesterday making a hat rack for the Music/Game room. It's 74" long, and holds 14 hats. We really need to go back and add another row of hooks - 14 isn't...really enough. (I knit a lot of hats this time of, we could use a few more hooks. :lol:) We hung it over the doorway - it's cased for French Doors, so it's large - and it looks nice. Artsy, yet useful.

I haven't done much walking - too stuffed up. I'm feeling a little better today, so I'll try to hit at least 8K steps.

I did finish my hat NYD; I've got Herself's Helm almost sorted. Still need to do the horns....yes, photos will be forthcoming. :lol:

Not much else to report - it's COLD here, and windy. :sigh: Like that it'll kill the bugs, hate that it's so darn COLD. :shivers:

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Tags: blather, home improvement, knitting

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