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The weather outside is frightful....


Previous Entry The weather outside is frightful.... Jan. 7th, 2015 @ 08:27 am Next Entry
but wool is so delightful! We've got no place to go...let it snow 'cause I have photos of woolies! (OK, so it doesn't really scan. It's cold, so cut me a little slack. :lol:)

I have PHOTOS! for you! I'll put them behind a cut...because I have a lot of catching up to do!

First up, Herself's Used to Be an Adventurer hat. It's FINALLY finished!!!!! Yes, it's silly - but she asked for it, she LOVES it, so...yeah, it was worth it. I am NOT planning on ever knitting another one, though - the pattern leaves a lot to be desired.

Skyrim hat front

Skyrim hat side

Skyrim hat back

The cowl SG's aunt requested - in the requested Red:

red cowl

Fingerless mitts for SG's stepmom, in easy to care for acrylic:

Reading Mitts

I really like this pattern, and have plans to make me a pair or 2 to match. Fun, easy, well-written pattern.

Owl hat for Cyn (she collects owls!):

This is the top:

owl hat top

And this is the side:

owl hat front

Both sides are the same; the pattern has an envelope in the owl's mouth (it's Harry Potter-themed), but I didn't want that, so I removed it.

The hat rack we spent a few hours on this weekend:

hat rack full

Please note it's already full. And...this isn't all of our hats....and I have a few more hats planned. (What? We're only allowed 1 hat each? That's....silly. We need hats for working outside, hats for barn duty, "dress" hats, and "fun" hats, right? Right. Besides, hats are fast and easy projects - and needed for winter!) We've got plans to add another row of hooks above the current ones, but offset.

This is SG's newest hat - he requested a Game of Thrones themed hat, and I was happy to oblige him:

GoT hat front

GoT hat back

(Although I think Winter has arrived at this point! :lol:)

And my hat - the music is real; it's a very iconic piece written by John Williams. I'll let you guess.....shouldn't be too hard. :wink:

Music hat front

Music hat side

Music hat back

I think that gets me caught up, photo-wise. I hope so...and I'll try to upload more often this year.

Speaking of 2015, I have 3 old WIP's (Works in Progress) - my Aran cardigan, a pair of lace socks, and a pair of mitered square socks that I've misplaced the pattern to. Not sure I'll get them done, but hey - I'm down to only 3! I also have Himself's kilt hose to finish - that's in line for February. This month, I have my travel socks (I ALWAYS have travel socks!), and my Hieroglyphic Socks. I want to knock the Hieroglyphics out first, then - if I have time! - a pair of Celtic color worked socks in January, so that I can concentrate on the hose in February. The plan is at least 1 pair of socks per month...we'll see. I have 26+ socks already kitted up that I need to knit, so I can kit up more. :lol:

Gotta skitter - need to get ready for school. Have a great - and warm! - day!

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