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Yesterday was box day! I got a box!! What was in it? Well...


Dr. Who-themed shoes, to be exact:

Dr. Who shoes - outside

Dr. Who Shoes - inside

They're great! The guy did a FANTASTIC job with them! Can't wait for Comic Con!!

What I've been working on to go along with them:

Dr. Who shoelace

It's one of the 4th Doctor's scarves, in shoelace form. I'm not sure I'll be able to complete 2 of them - I did some calculations last night, and 1 shoelace needs to be a complete scarf. 256 rows. 1024 stitches, give or take a few. I'm...1/4 of the way thru the first one.....with 3 weeks to go. And socks to knit as well. We'll see......if I only finish 1, it'll be OK - I'll lace the Doctor shoe with it, and the Rose shoe with the black one. Or a lacy one, maybe.......

Oh, and here's my score from this weekend:

wooden sock blockers

Antique blockers. They've been sanded and refinished, and will be used for photo purposes. SG wants to copy them in his and Himself's size (Herself shares my shoe size) so that I have a set for all the socks I'll be making. We'll see how long it takes him......

Chemistry is over, Latin is starting - gotta skitter!

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