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Previous Entry :bleurgh: Jan. 23rd, 2015 @ 07:59 am Next Entry
My sinuses decided to attempt to kill me yesterday. Out of the blue they shut down, and I can't breathe. Or smell (or taste. :sigh:) I took Benedryl last night to try and open them up.....nope. I was drugged to sleep, but couldn't breathe so kept waking up. :fun fun: I have the bed clothes in the washer now, in hopes that maybe the dogs brought something in that set this off. :sigh:

I am at the heel of sock #2. The plan was to be at the toe today....but life happened. I'll try to finish them Sunday.....

This year is our "Musical" year. We did a Great Courses Broadway course, then a couple of documentaries, and now we are watching all the musicals. I think the biggest hit - so far! - has been "Into the Woods", a re-telling of Grimm's fairy tales. TOTALLY hysterical - I hope the movie version gets at least half of it right, because if they do, it'll be funny. (But....not for young kids. Grimm's is dark, and Sondheim went to the source material for this. Kinda gory....but funny!) My favorite line was when Cinderella discovered that her husband was still fond of.....young maidens. She confronts him, and he says "Well, I was raised to be charming, not sincere!". :rofl: (And they kill the narrator off - it's hysterical!)

We've seen a lot of good ones - can't wait to see what's in store! And...I need to figure out next year....because this was a definite hit with both kids. The goal was for them to appreciate musical theatre - and they do. (And they both agree that movie versions generally suck compared to the Broadway versions. :lol:)

I need to find more Kleenex, and we need to get our day started. Shabbat Shalom - and may you be able to breathe this weekend!

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