Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I. Am. Alive....

I think. Still stuffy, sneezing all over the place (I don't usually sneeze. Right now? It's epidemic. :sigh:) Headache-y, dry, itchy eyes...but hey! I'm awake! And semi-coherent!!

I finished SG's Tardis socks last night. They're currently on the blockers drying (I always wash my hand knits when I take them off the needles - no telling what kind of gunk they have, and water makes the stitches look better.), so no pics yet. I also finished shoelace #1 and started #2 - only, it's from Season 18. It's all purples (for the "Rose" fits, and it's STILL the Doctor's scarf, so it works, too. And I won't get bored! :lol:)

I also started a hat for me.....yeah. I'm borked. But hats are fast and useful and on larger needles than socks - and my wrists need that right now.

And apparently I have "sucker" written in Canine on my forehead. :sigh: We ran to Sonic yesterday for milkshakes (which...I didn't get. Because SG accidentally dropped mine. :bangs head:) and both of us saw a small dog almost get run over. I guess the other driver saw my panicked face and flailing arms, because he slammed on the brakes; I opened my door and said "Here baby! C'mon here!" and up this little beagle ran and hopped right in the car. She let me cuddle her for about 15 seconds, then she wriggled over to the back seat, curled up, and went to sleep. :sigh:

I took her to both vets today, and she's not chipped and neither one recognizes her. She's sweet, but she HATES our dogs. HATES them. It looks like she's a spoiled l'il girl, used to being an only child. We've called a local rescue group (they are going to try to pick her up tonight. :fingers crossed:).....she spent the night in MY bed; SG was banished to the sofa because Loki and Tigger were NOT happy with the situation. (The bed is THEIRS, you see - and she won't let any other dog get near her. She's a beagle, which means she's no banishment to the bathroom.) I don't think I can take much more of the Drama around here....:lol:

I need to go blow my nose again. Laters!

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Tags: blather, country life, hats, knitting, pets, socks

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