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I finished the shoelaces - they look great! and got my travel sock to the toe. It's now set down, though - because February is Kilt Hose Month. ALL Kilt Hose, ALL the time (until they are done.) I've figured out where I am on them (almost to the heel on #1), I verified that it does, in fact, FIT the boy, and I've worked a few rounds to get back in the groove. The plan is to finish #1 by Feb 10, and get #2 done by Feb......I wanna say 20, but I'll be happy if it's done by the 28th. :fingers crossed:

Started our taxes today....:ugh: I'd be finished if SG actually cared - all he has to do is go online and get his W-2 info, but he can't be arsed to do so. :sigh: Oh, well - he has plans for the left over funds, but he can't HAVE them until I file, and the longer I wait, the longer it'll take him to get his money. Not that he'll admit that - it'll be my fault we didn't get it sooner. :bangs head:

Not a lot going on here. Next week is Comic Con - can't wait! It'll be fun!....but this week is same old, same old. Guess I should go knit a bit......

Oh! We saw Big Hero 6 last week - it's a good movie. VERY good. Go see it if you can! I want to see Imitation Game, too..hopefully soon.

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Tags: blather, kilt hose, knitting, socks

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