Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Shabbat Shalom!

Let's see:

1. Made soap Wednesday, and cut it today. My Studio now smells like Gentlemen's Club visited a Laundromat en masse. :lol: I made 5 batches of soap: 3 Neroli-Shea Blossom (soft, non-gender specific floral-ish sort of scent) and 2 Snow Queen (which reads to *my* nose as fresh laundry.......I am the only one here that gets that from it, but.....and yes, I went More Purple this time! :wink:) We'll see how the scents settle; the Neroli batch is a new technique for me, and 2 logs turned out almost perfect. The 3rd....well, that's the tester log. :lol:

2. The IRS/my bank has lost Herself's refund. :sigh: Our Joint hit, and Himself's hit, both on the days the IRS said they would. Herself's was due to hit Wednesday; I called yesterday and was told (by my bank) that maybe they just hadn't "gotten it from the Internet yet - check back at 2 PM. We do another check then." Um.....that's NOT how this works, but whatever. Called back today, and it never HIT the bank. There's no record of the name/amount/account number, not even on the error report......and the IRS won't talk to me before Monday....which is a Holiday, so it'll be Tuesday at the earliest. :bangs head: and :sighs: This is my washer and new mixer money, so at least it's not *Needed* right now, would be nice. :big sigh: (The kids get SSI from their dad's estate, and I have them withhold 10%, even though SSI is non-taxable. This way, we get a chunk of $$$ back to do household stuff with - and I give the kids a good chunk of it as well, to do with as they please. It's win/win, because they feel like they are contributing to the household, but still get some spending $$$. Herself didn't even have hers 10 minutes - it all went to Fire Mountain. She'll be making LOTS of sparklies soon - and claims she'll even try to SELL some. :blink:)

3. Went to the International Exhibit of Sherlock Holmes yesterday - Oh. My. Gosh!!!!! It's.....well, incredible doesn't cover it. It'll be in Santa Ana, CA in June - GO. Just.....make it a mini-vacation and GO. They have movie props and costumes from the 2 RDJ movies (Blackwood's casket! The "original" taser!!!) and stuff from "Elementary" (eh. Watson is NOT female...sorry. Can't watch it because I can't get over the gender-swapping. :sigh:) It's interactive - YOU "help" Sherlock solve a mystery. There are stations where you do hands-on experiments to see if London's finest are correct or not - it was totally cool. You get a notebook to record your findings - you do rubbings and stamps and stuff like that - no pens necessary!) and...well, it was cool. And fun. And worth the exhibit fee. The vignettes are full of actual antiques - FROM Conan-Doyle's era! - and...well, it's cool. Especially if you're a Sherlock fan.

4. Am almost done with the knot work cuff on the hose. :sigh: I HATE knitting flat....I can't wait until I join it in the round so I can start banging it out. The clock is ticking...and I wanna knit something mindless!

Gotta skitter - got Shabbat cleaning to do, then it's on to the knitting!

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