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It's 26* and sleeting. AND raining - they're calling it "thunder sleet/snow". THIS is why I am glad we bred late again this year; had we bred in Sept/Oct the way the "experts" say to do, we'd be kidding out in this crap.....and possibly losing babies to the cold. No, thank you - I'll continue to breed in December and kid out in May. Yes, it still gets "cold"...but not THIS cold.

I had an allergic reaction this weekend - think it was the Gingerbread cookies Herself made Friday. I have itched since Saturday evening....and the only "new" thing is the cookies. :sigh: They were good, too....but I need to do a patch test on the molasses. (The cookies were a mix; the only thing different from other box mixes was the molasses. So.....I have to assume that's what caused the hives. 3 cookies Friday evening, 2 Sat. morning and 2 Sat. evening seems to have set me off. 2 more Sunday, and it was itch-city all damn day. :sigh:) Benedryl barely touched it......darn it, I LIKE Gingerbread!!!!

Am almost 1/3 done with the hose. Must keep knitting......2 weeks. I have 2 weeks.....

School: We are doing Shakespeare in place of Latin. We're starting with "Midsummer's Night Dream" - CurrClick has a unit from Home Base English on the Bard, and I'm loosely using that. We'll spend about 3 weeks on each play; PBS has a "Discovering Shakespeare" series that looks at each play, and we'll be doing those as well. I'm lucky - both kids were exposed to the Bard at a young age, and actually LIKE him. So, the announcement of this unit was met with anticipation, not groans. :lol:

I need to do a little bit of googling for school - stay warm, y'all!

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