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Why I've been quiet...

Or, a Photo Post!

We got SNOW last night! So, so pretty - have a few photos for posterity:

From the front porch, towards the gate:

Snow - front yard

Front yard, again, but panoramic:

Snow - front yard panoramic

My Jeep:

Snow - Jeep

And, Knitting:

First up, the promised Kilt Hose photos, sans model. I'll try to get action shots this weekend:

Kilt hose - left

kilt hose - right

I have to say, I have knit a LOT of things, but these...I am proud of these. They'll only fit him for maybe 2 Festivals, but hey - *I* knit a pair of Kilt Hose!

My Yaacov socks, pre-frogging. Yes, I was almost to the heel. No, I couldn't live with them:

Yaacov - prefrogged

And, the New-New project - socks. Of course. :lol: This pattern is Celtic Pennies by Heatherly Walker (same lady who did my Hieroglyphic Socks!).

Celtic Pennies

The yarn is a Cashmere/Merino/Nylon blend that I hand-dyed. It's...yummy doesn't cover it. WONDERFUL to knit - so soft and squishy and.....decadent feeling.

Also, today is Purim! Have a happy Holiday! I've got Hamantashen dough in the 'fridge; in a bit we'll be making cookies. Apple, Cherry, and Chocolate. :yum!: Not sure about dinner yet, but we'll have cookies! :lol:

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