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This was the weekend of NTIF- the North Texas Irish Festival! :whee!: 3 days of kilts, bagpipes, Celtic Music, and fun! And 2 days of spinning demos for me. Felt like the crowds were down this year.....but I got 3 bobbins of frog hair spun up (it'll ply up to a very very thin lace weight. TINY yarn!) (Think it was the weather - it was cold and cloudy on Saturday, and yesterday it was cold and Raining. We need the rain.....but I think it kept people at home. Still - it was fun! I came home with a new mug for me, and a present for Cyn. And a print. :lol:)

Himself decided he did NOT want to go. :sob: All that knitting...I told him, fine - but your hose ARE going, because I WILL show them off! :lol:

I still can't get thru to the IRS. At 7:01 AM, ALL the lines are busy....I don't believe that. Seriously - at 6:59, it hangs up on me because "our hours are from 7 AM to 7 PM"....but at 7:01 they are too busy for me to hold? Right......:bangs head:

Too tired to post much - Daylight Savings does a number on me. Add in a very busy weekend...oy!

Oh - I found a new vendor! Sheep Incognito. If you have a knitter/spinner/crocheter in your life, I can almost guarantee they'll LOVE something from here! I came home with a print of "Dances with Wools"...:snicker: If I'd had more money, I'd have come home with a BUNCH more - "Stash Attack!", "Close-knit Flock", "Awoolanche"....seriously, the list goes on and on and on. :lol: Her sense of humor tickles me - and the paintings are adorable! No affiliation, just a very happy knitter who's planning on dropping more money her way.

Gotta figure out what we need to do school-wise today. Laters!

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Tags: blather, demos, ntif

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