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Happiness is....

NEW books waiting for me at the Post Office. I'm an avid reader (that should be *addicted* reader, but....avid sounds better.) and didn't join the 50 book challange because I knew I would way surpass it (I have....I should type up a list and post it so I can prove it), but I've had to resort to re-re-re-reading books. I read, on average, a book and a half a day (depending on the book's length, of course - smut novels take me maybe 2 or 3 hours, while scholarly works take longer) which is why I didn't join.

I now have 3 new ones: A Perfect Red by Amy Butler Greenfield, The Bog People by P V Glob (I'm 90% finished with it already) and The Mummies of Urumchi by Elizabeth Wayland Barber. Can't wait to dive in!

Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday! We're off to the IL's today, then home, then to the church on Monday (maybe...) - they are dedicating a memorial to the unmarked graves in the cemetary, and having a picnic. I haven't fully decided if we're going or not.....

I drained the pool last night - it wasn't set up quite right, and as a result it was only 3' (barely) at the ladder, and we had a good 6" of folded over smushed pool at the other side. (I think the top got nudged out of center when my friends were "helping" me set it up. That's what it looks like, anyway). I'll be repositioning it this AM, then we'll start filling it back up this afternoon when we get home. I'll finish filling it up tomorrow, so the kids won't be deprived (today it's Slip 'n' Slide time at Grannie's!). *sigh* I'm also thinking about moving it a little, since the mesquite tree likes to spit leaves into it. We'll see - there's really not another spot quite as nice for the pool - any further down, and it's too close to my neighbor, any further out and we start to run into problems with the electricity (anyone know of a solar power company that'll work with me? I'd like to get a solar set-up to run the filter pump, but the one company that claimed they'd work with me isn't interested in my small project.).

Ugh, Himself is stirring. Must go shower and start the breakfast adventure.
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