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Ask, and Ye shall receive....

Ali, you asked, so I give you - Photos!

First up, pretty, pretty socks:

Close-up of toe:

The pattern is "Celtic Pennies"; the yarn is a CashMerino from Wool2Dye4, dyed by me. It took the dye up Beautifully - the photos don't show the depth of shade and....almost metallic-look of the green. A pleasure to knit with - and the pattern was nice. Not easy - although a beginner to color work could definitely knit it - because it's not intuitive. Still, a nice payoff!

Now..the ugly. Please bear in mind, the Studio is STILL a shambles - I am trying to figure out how to Tetris too much stuff into too little space. :sigh: I really need a TARDIS as a Studio...ah, well. :lol:

This is the window area that used to be contained by a 6' long, 3' tall credenza. I had....a LOT of stuff squished in I have to try and fit it all into a 4-drawer dresser. It's....not working really well right now. There's a metal sewing table next to the's kinda flimsy, but it's what I have to work with right now. The new plastic filing cabinet is under the table - not perfect, but....seriously. I have a LOT of Tetrising to do.

This is where the sewing desk was. Herself's 2 kilns will live here - the Firefly is currently in the house as she's firing some pendents. We have an electrician coming out Thursday to put in a 220 plug for this kiln- she can't wait to try it out. The Rubbermaid bins will be moved...somewhere....tomorrow. 2 of them are slated to go home with my potter friend (at some point)...the other one? I have NO. CLUE. :sigh:

Again, I don't begrudge her the space. It's just.....we need more ROOM. And better storage solutions. I'm trying to figure out what else I can get/build/do to get this room into some kind of order.

Switching gears: today was eye-exam day. Both Himself and I needed new prescriptions. The receptionist asked if we were going to buy from them, or elsewhere; I replied "Depends on the copay. How much will his cost?" Grand total for him: $46. "Done! much are we looking at for me?"

Mine is a bit....more. Progressive bifocals aren't cheap - locally, that is. From the eye doctor, we were looking at $275. For *1* pair. :sigh: I took the prescription, and called America's Best on the way home. I could get 2 pairs for $215, or 1 pair for $160. Um....

I checked Zenni Optical when I got home (the last pair was from them, in 2013. They are STILL in good shape - no scratches, no wobblies!). My progressives? $67.50. WITH shipping! I threw in a pair of prescription sunglasses (single vision there - I don't need the readers in sunglasses)...grand total? $88.

Look at that again - $88. Instead of $169 for ONE pair. :boggle:

I don't think I could have gotten Himself's for too much less than $46 - single vision glasses are relatively cheap. Plus, he got "better" frames ($129, vs $27 for mine. :shrug:)

Bottom line: If you need glasses, check out Zenni before plunking down $$$ at the eye doctor/Vision Works/where ever. I've been pleased with my pair, and they're cheap enough that if I don't like the new frames (they're green. I LOVE green, they'll match my eyes, but hey - green. Might not work, y'know?) I can just sigh and buy another pair. It's not going to break the bank.

Off to try and knit!

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