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Update thingy....

Ali: first, yes, a cowl is a circular scarf - no ends! Some have twists, some don't.

Second - the insides of color work knitting has "floats"; hang on, let me snap a photo:

2015 Celtic Pennies Inside

The sock on the left is inside-out, the one on the right is not.

You carry the unused color along; if the float is longer than about 1", you twist the 2 yarns together to catch the float so you don't get your fingers/toes caught in it. You *can* see the image on the inside, but it's kind of blurry.

Homestead: Got my new washer yesterday.....I gotta say, I LOVE it. It's a Speed Queen (yup, just like what the laundromats use!), and it's just a basic machine; no frills. NO electronics, either. :grin: AND!!!! A wash cycle is only 30 minutes; the Maytag took a little over an hour. :shakes head: It has an agitator, but at this point? I don't care - it has a SOAK cycle! And *I* can determine how much water it uses. Happy, happy over here!

Kiln: Got the plug put in yesterday.... but something has gotten out of whack on the kiln. :sigh: I am putting off going into the controller, but I know it needs to be checked out. Paragon has a nice troubleshooting guide that should help.....but I don't wanna tear into it! :Sigh: I know it worked when we bought it; I think something got jarred loose either in the trip home or while it sat. It comes on, but the board reads "PF" instead of "IdLE". :gulp: Pray it's only a loose connection, please.

Blather: Bought 1 more pair of glasses from Zenni....they have a set of PLAID frames. How could I not? :lol: So, another $66 dollars; that's approx. $146 for 2 pairs of progressives and 1 pair of prescription sunglasses. Yeah, I think they have a life-time customer. :lol: I checked my order today; the first one has already been manufactured (!) and should be shipped soon. :happy dance: (For these keeping count, that's 3 pairs of glasses for LESS than 1 pair at America's Best. Just saying'...)

We visited the County Fair Wednesday.....:heh heh: I have photos, but don't want to spam ya. Herself got:

a First and Best in Category for her dragon sculpture (even though they broke it. :grrrr:)
a First and Best in Category for my pearl-and-emerald necklace
a First for her Toothless pendant
a First and Best in Category for her dragon scale knitted gloves

Me? I got:

a First for Himself's Kilt Hose
a First for my Pink variegated socks
a First for Herself's Lizard socks (the screaming bright blue and yellow ones)
a First and GRAND CHAMPION!!! for Herself's Firebird socks.

I am chuffed - and surprised. I figured either the kilt hose or the lizards were in the running for Best in Category; GC wasn't even on my radar. And - there were 2 other knitted entries, so it wasn't just me and Herself this year. :snicker: (Which is why I laugh over the ribbons; I'm happy, but...when I'm competing against myself or family, they don't really count much, y'know?)

I need to figure out NEXT year's entries, should we be here. :wink: I have...a few more of the Tsock Tsarina's kits (she of Firebird fame), and might do 1 of them. I also have....well, a LOT of color work socks kitted up. :ponders: I guess I'll just start knitting, and see what I end up with. :lol:

Gotta get moving - Shabbat's coming up fast, and I have to get dinner started and the table set. Shabbat Shalom!!!

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