Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I dyed this weekend!

Yesterday we picked up the Fair entries, then stopped at the Post Office. My 2nd sock blank had come in, so we went home and I fired up the dye pot - sorta.

Because I was dyeing the blank for a specific pattern (Yaacov), I had to dye it in LONG color runs (hence the blank - I have photos, and will post them once the blanks are dry.) So....I mixed up the 6 colors in disposable cups, grabbed some foam brushes, and Herself and I set about painting the blanks. a very messy project. The dye leaked thru 3 towels and onto my blocking mats (which is why I had put them down on the island top - just in case.) It was also a very TIME-CONSUMING project; I think it took us 2 hours to paint both blanks - and we were each doing 1!

Still....the end result was worth it. I am hoping it knits up as loudly as it looks. :lol:

Today I mowed the front yard, then fired up the (real) dye pots. I have 2 new sock patterns I wanted to kit up, so I wound 9 skeins of yarn and went to town. (Photos of them later, too.)

I'm trying something new with the blue skein; the blanks had to be steamed to set the dyes, so I am trying that with the Turquoise skein. I processed it like normal (20 minutes in almost boiling water, then let it set until cool), and it was still bleeding color. So, I crammed it into a large Ziplock and am currently steaming it (20 minutes, then let cool in steamer). Hopefully it'll mean no dye bleeding off. IF it works, I'm going to grab the socks that I have that are still bleeding dye and I'll steam *them*, to try and set it. :fingers crossed:

Passover begins Friday evening - this is your PSA to start getting rid of all leaven in your house! We are eating baked goods like mad here - I didn't realize we had so many leavened products! :lol:

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