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Happy Wednesday!

Yes, I am still alive - just busy. And tired. I have photos....on the iPad. Eventually I'll upload them - but I dyed 5 more skeins today (2 pairs of socks worth!), and need photos of them, and tomorrow I plan on dyeing up 3 more skeins. What? I have patterns I want to do soon-ish; they are all based on characters from "Firefly". 4 of today's skeins are for a Jayne Cobb sock (the hat! I matched the colors to the hat I knit SG a while back...:lol:) and Inara (a lovely burgundy/wine-color; I need some beads for her sock). Tomorrow I plan on dyeing up yarn for Wash (leafy green for "I am a Leaf on the Wind, watch me soar"), Kaylee (I'm thinking pink, for That Dress), and Malcolm (brown, maybe? He IS a Browncoat, after all. :wink:)

I'm halfway down the foot of Herself's Biohazard sock. The Florescent Yellow is BRIGHT - the black helps, sorta, but not much. :lol: You'll be able to see her feet coming from a mile away! I've got 3 pairs of socks in the queue ready to go - Yaacov, Trip up the Nile, and Walk around China, then I can start on the Firefly socks. Maybe.....I have a LOT of socks already kitted up and ready to go. (I have mentioned that 2015 is the Year of the Sock, right? Because....yeah. Socks are THE project this year.)

Zenni shipped my first order yesterday; the glasses are due here on Saturday. :happy dance: Can't wait for the sunglasses - it's already in the 70s here. Spring? What's that? :lol:

Tomorrow is doctor day for Herself...I need to get the travel sock sorted so I have something to work on while we wait. And wait - this doctor is notoriously late. :shrug: That's why I have a travel sock!

Oh! SG finally finished my weaving cabinet! He moved it into the Studio last night, and I filled it up with my weaving yarns. it's almost big enough for all of them; I'm down to 1 shelf in the armoire for weaving yarns now. It's a lovely thing - and yes, I have a photo of it, too. I'll try to do photos tomorrow - but no promises. :lol:

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