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Hag Samech FirstFruits!!!!!


Previous Entry Hag Samech FirstFruits!!!!! Apr. 5th, 2015 @ 07:48 am Next Entry
What a Blessed day! And it's raining here - which we need. :happy dance:

Sorry for the radio silence, but I've been busy. I've - you know what? I have photos. That'll take less time:

First up, a small Studio re-do: the weaving area before:

Weaving cabinet before

and after the new cabinet was "installed":

Weaving cabinet after

It may not look like much to *you*, but believe me, it's a HUGE change for me. Much more organized; the cabinet holds most of my coned cotton. Yes, it's still a bit of a mess, but it's getting there. Slowly.

I mentioned I was doing a LOT of dyeing...here's the first project.

Sock blank predyeing

You can see the sock blanks there, along with the tools needed to paint them. What's not shown is the vinegar (to set the dye), the dye (I mixed the colors in the plastic cups), and the steamer and plastic wrap (to permanently set the dye; you need heat and acid.)

And here they are after painting and setting:

sock blank dyed

I've also been dyeing a lot of skeins for upcoming sock projects. Ready?

A Walk Thru China

Walk thru China sock yarn

Trip Up The Nile

Trip up the Nile sock yarn

The "Firefly" Series of socks:

Cunning Socks

Cunning Socks yarn


Kaywinnet sock yarn

Leaf on the Wind (Wash)

Leaf on the Wind sock yarn

Companion (Inara)

Companion sock yarn

(I need to buy beads for it - I'm thinking gold.)

And, finally, the current "house" sock project - I give you "Biochemical Warfare":

Biohazard socks

:whew!: You can see it's been busy around here. And I'm not done yet - I have a few more socks I want to kit up...but they'll wait. I need to KNIT the stash down a bit, first. :lol:

In other news, I got 1 of my Zenni Optical orders yesterday. The...2nd one. The one with the Plaid glasses. I look like a DORK now. :lol: It seems the USPS has lost my 1st order (the one with the everyday glasses and sunglasses)....these glasses were supposed to be my "laid back, casual" glasses; the ones I wear when I just don't really *care* about appearances. My everyday glasses are half-rims (much more subtle!)....these? Are large and Dorky. :lol: Ah, well - I can rock them just fine, they just take a bit to get used to. Good news: they are larger (of course!) than the half-rims, so I have a larger field of view. The bad? Well...they're large. And not subtle at ALL. :lol: At least they are a nice blue plaid. :snicker: (I've sent an email to Zenni - let's hope they can get the USPS to FIND my other package. While I like these...they aren't a fantastic look for me. Fun? Yes...but....awkward. :lol:)

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