Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

So. Tired....

Let's see....yesterday was spent with the Grands. They are....not doing as well as I'd like to see them. :sigh: Point: Granny is giving away stuff, because she doesn't want fights when she's gone...and she seems to think it's going to be sooner rather than later. :big sigh:

I think I've figured out the kiln issue - it appears that the kiln needs a *240* volt outlet. SG told the electrician it needed a *220* volt outlet. Now, it's not all on him, because *I* drug myself out of bed to stumble down to the shop with the kiln manual in hand so that the electrician could look at it. "No - I know what it needs! 220 40 amp (I think he said 40 amp) plug. No problem!" Only...if anyone had bothered to LOOK at the plate on the side of the kiln, they would have seen that it very plainly states "240 volt". (And, to be fair - *I* did not look at the plate until this AM. Still - I am not the one running wires and installing plugs, nor was I the one PAYING for same.) :sigh: I've got a call in to the electrician - hopefully we can get this fixed soon.

Especially since yesterday the Grands and we went to the ceramic store. 12 new glazes and a bisque-fired pot (it's a present. :shhhhhhhhhhhh!: :lol:) Herself is currently cutting out porcelain disks to test fire the new glazes (so she has a visual of what they look like fired.) She can fire these in her Firefly, but she's chomping at the bit to get the big one up and running.

I have had a headache since Friday. :bleck:

Good news: my missing Zenni Optical order came in yesterday! I no longer look like a dork (unless I want to!) :lol: The everyday glasses are GORGEOUS - emerald green, with fancy earpieces. The sunglasses are almost dark enough (I...have light-sensitive eyes. I prefer super-dark tint; most places won't go dark enough. These....are OK.) and look pretty good on. I am very, very pleased!

Himself's glasses STILL aren't in. :grrrrr: I called; seems that 1 lens didn't meet their quality control, so they had to reorder it. On Friday. Not sure I'm buying that, since I don't think they were open on Friday (It being a holiday and all), but hey - at least they know I'm waiting. I think I should have just ordered his from Zenni, too......

Not much else going on. I was able to score a sock kit I've been wanting for a while (Quantum Paratsox). It's a sock, with a moebius strip - so the outside is the inside. :snicker: Should be fun to wear to the Perot! :lol:

Need to have a lie-down. We're on Spring Break this week, which is a Blessing!

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