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Photos, 'cause I got nothing... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

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Previous Entry Photos, 'cause I got nothing... Apr. 13th, 2015 @ 02:30 pm Next Entry
SG's stepmother died yesterday AM, so that kind of put a damper on things here. Have some photos for the moment:

First up, Herself's Biological Warfare socks. I just got a kick out of the idea of Biohazard bags...on teenaged feet. :snicker:

2015 Biohazard Socks side

For some reason, the toe didn't decrease as fast as it usually does, so the toes are a little bit...stubby. They look fine ON, but kind of odd off. Because I own my knitting mistakes, I'm showing the funny toes:

2015 Biohazard Socks

My current obsession project - A Walk Thru China socks:

China Socks

Started them Friday, late afternoon, and this picture is as of last night. Remember, I don't knit on Shabbat - these socks are going FAST. They are a fun knit!

In other news - Kiln. Can't remember if I mentioned it, but the electrician came out last week and tested things. The outlet is perfect (244 volts), the board is getting enough power (24 volts/watts/amps/whatever it is that it needs, it's getting)...so. This means the computer board is basically dead. Replacement is $450-ish. :gulp:

BUT! God is indeed GOOD!!!! My potter friend and I had a verbal agreement - she wants my sock machine. I said I'd hold it, and work with her as to payment. Guess what???? She just happens to have a brand new board for THIS model kiln that she "accidentally" ordered. I said "YES. YES, yes - barter is good! I LOVE barter!"

So....soon as she can come down our way we'll have a new board for Herself's kiln. Herself has gotten busy making greenware so that she's Ready. :lol: (She knows it might be a few months, and she's OK with that. So am I, frankly!)

In fact, Herself got so excited, she made me some porcelain sheepie buttons for my new knitting bag (oh, yeah - I made a new, larger bag! Um......pictures later, OK? It's in use - the China socks use 5 balls of yarn, and I needed something large enough to hold them. SO.....I'll try to get pictures in the next day or so.) The buttons are TOO cute - she used a rubber stamp to create them, then glazed each one a different color. They are - well, Cute. :lol:

Gotta get back to knitting - SG has been calling off and on all day with updates on the arrangements/family gossip, and I'm about to go nuts with it. Need to knit to stay sane(ish).

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