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This was one of the most expensive holidays *ever*

Well, we had fun today......or at least, I *think* we did. I spent most of the day flat out with a major sinus headache. Ugh.

Add to that the fact that my van had started yelling at me - "Brake fluid level LOW". *sigh* I pulled out my trusty owner's manual; it said "Do NOT refill the cylinder, take in for new liners.

So, my DFIL took me in for "new liners".......$500 later, I have a new braking system. The rear pads were great, but the cylinders were leaking (and the guy was *very* nice - he showed me everything and didn't push me to agree to anything. He also didn't talk down to me, or ignore me and speak only to FIL. It was very refreshing!), so they replaced them and cleaned up the pads. The front, however....

The front rotors measured "1252 amd 1253" or something like that. The "limit" on my van is 1250. The guy told me that they wouldn't last the life of hte new pads, would cost xxx, but then it would be done. Plus the new pads.

So, I did what any intelligent person would do...I sighed deeply, and said "Ya know, you'll taking the last of my $$." He grinned and dropped the price $40. I signed on the dotted line and we left.

Yes, it was necessary, but I wish it hadn't been so expensive. My brakes NEVER squealed, or squeaked, or anything - just a stupid light. The guy told me a lot of new cars' rotors don't last 60K miles (my van is at 66K right now) and he doesn't understand it.

I do, at least, have a lifetime guarantee on these.........yippee.

Ah, wll, the kidlets had tons of fun. they got to play on the slip 'n' slide, bowl, set up spaceships and trains and houses and do puzzles and look at photos and and and and and....*g* There was food, and more food, and even MORE food.

Me? I had a comfy bed and 2 handmade quilts. I was lovin' it!

I also did a bunch of my Christmas shopping - my MIL does a lot of crafty stuff, and she always makes lots of extras. So......I grabbed a bunch of it and will be handing them out come December. Since my wrist is still out of commission, this is a good way to spread the joys of handwork with the unwashed (and quite honestly undeserving *g*) masses. I need to get her some more of my sheepie fabric so she can make me a napkin holder to match my coasters.....she loves doing stuff like this. I now know how she makes the coasters, though, so as soon as the sewing room is clean I'll be able to start on some myself.

We also picked up Herself's new curtains and bed pillows (Unicorns, natually) and Himself's new bed pillows (3 guesses...and the first 2 don't count! As if my young padawan would choose anything else!) My MIL also framed some of Herself's artwork (Unicorns, again) so she now has new wall art. I need to get a frame for the new poster she bought Himself (gee.....wonder what it is? *g*)

We got home to find the pool 3/4 I took matters into my own hands, so to speak. By sitting on the inflated ring I was able to empty it enough that Dad and I were able to repostion it (I hope, anyway!) It's now refilling (slowly! Oh, so slowly!)...I'll probably let it fill all night. I'll be able to soak tomorrow....I hope!

All in all, a very good day! I'm exhausted...think I'll go back to sleep!
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