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Pictures or it didn't happen....

I've been promising pictures for a while, you go! I'll put them behind a cut, because there are quite a few - even though a lot of folks have ditched LJ/DW, I'll still be polite. :lol:

First up, my new knitting bag. It's from a commercial pattern (I think....Simplicity's easy line? It was $1.97, if that helps.) All the fabric was from stash - it's got denim as an inner layer (the pattern called for canvas interfacing....I don't keep canvas on hand for some reason), AND it has a *zippered* inside pocket! The zipper is....well, I need practice, but it's usable!

bag - large

I want to do a close up of the "buttons" (the straps are sewed down, with buttons added for looks) - Herself made them for me out of porcelain.

Bag white sheep

Bag gray sheep

Bag brown sheep

Bag - black sheep

They are TOO cute!!!

Next up, my latest travel sock project - I hand dyed the yarn (we call it "Calypso"). The blue is still bleeding off...:sigh: I need to tinker with my recipe, because it should NOT do that.

2015 feather and fan socks

Here's a close up of the pattern - Feather and Fan. Also known as Old Shale. It's easy - 4 rows to the pattern, but only 1 of those is IN the pattern. Easy to memorize and easy to knit - but the payoff is fantastic!

2015 feather and fan close up

And, finally, I give you "Walk Thru China". I.....LOVE these socks. I think that they are the most impressive socks I've knit to date - and I am totally enamored of them.

2015 china socks right

2015 china socks left

OK, so both sides are pretty much the same...but the front and back are different, and the sole has it's own pattern, too.

2015 china socks front and back

(I like patterns to show all sides of the socks...some (OK, most) don't.)

This was actually a very easy knit - seriously. Stranded knitting isn't hard, once you figure out the best way *for you* to handle 2 colors of yarn at the same time. Once you do that, it's just plain knitting, switching colors at will. I substituted a "rounder heel" turn for the band heel the designer used; her heel didn't fit my foot (I tried it - remember, in this year of the sock, I am knitting patterns as written. However, I do want the socks to FIT, so....I knit her heel, tried it on, thought about it...and ripped it back and put in a turn that actually fit. I had to tinker with the decreases, but it works, and it FITS.)

I learned a few things on this sock; I learned how to add in a new color BEFORE I needed it (I usually work my ends in as I'm knitting the first row with the new color. On these socks, I worked the end in on the round before I needed it. Simple change that made a difference in how the sock looks.)

I want to start the designer's next sock ("Trip up the Nile"), but I'm taking a break from color work right now. I started a pair of socks for SG (simple; stripes on the leg, contrast heel and toe) and am almost to the heel, but I want him to try it on. I looks too loose to me; he has big ankles so it might be fine, but.....I've learned to trust the little voice. Finally. :lol:

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