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OK, so I am revising my thoughts about April - she has a strong suck reflex, but is very, very weak. She can manage maybe .5 oz before getting tired; we have to really work with her to get her take 2 oz per feeding. (I guess she was VERY hungry that first meal!) She hasn't done more than stand up, wobble a couple of steps, and fall down to sleep - normally, kids are starting to discover they can defy gravity by now. :lol:

Ran to the local large animal vet for a bottle of Bo-Se (a selenium supplement).....they sold me 1cc. For $5. :bangs head: What makes it worse is that baby Nubians only need .25 cc.....:sigh: I was able to give her a little under .5cc - the rest is in the diaper bag for the next kid. (Bo-Se helps give kids a "boost" - she needs all the help she can get. Normally I have it...but I used the last of it last year and didn't get around to buying a new bottle. :sigh:) So we went to our DOG vet - who quite happily ordered a bottle for me, and will call when it gets in. :shakes head:

Not much else going on - I'm on baby-watch, so I'm tired. Almost too tired to knit - so you KNOW I'm tired! Herself is starting to crank out buttons - our potter friend said they'll probably sell, and offered to take a batch to her next show. :bounce: *I* just want Herself to fire the big kiln - buttons work! :lol:

Shabbat Shalom - may your day be Blessed! And may we have no more early babies!

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