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Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Update thingy....

First, new count:

doelings: 3
bucklings: 1 (+1 dead)

Zoe gave us a BEAUTIFUL brown and white doeling, and Annie had a pretty (but, unfortunately) dead black buckling. I'm kinda glad it was this way, though - bucklings are hard to sell. (We're keeping May Flowers, because, well, she's GORGEOUS.)

Now, story of my stupidity

OK. So, Wednesday Himself asked for waffles. I can do waffles! I got all the ingredients out while he cleaned the waffle iron, then mixed up the batter. He suddenly decides that "Hey! Bacon (beef, of course) would go GREAT with waffles!"; I say "Well, OK, but *I* can't cook both at the same time. Either YOU do the bacon, or choose which one will be cold and re-heated."

He chose to cook the bacon. In a skillet.

So......he puts the last of the pound of bacon in the pan, and decides that "Hey! Eggs would ALSO be good! I can do eggs! In the grease!" O....K. I point out that a 12", deep, Texas skillet is probably now what he needs to cook 2 scrambled eggs in; he says OK, he'll use the 6" pan. Cool. I put the next-to-last waffle in the iron and quickly wipe out the smaller pan for him. He finishes the bacon - the grease is about 3/4" deep in the large pan - which he is NOT using for eggs - so I automatically grab a Pyrex bowl and pour the grease into it. The waffle iron goes off, so I drop the pan in the sink and go re-boot the waffles. (Last one!)

He puts butter in the pan and starts mixing up his eggs. "Oh. I forgot - I want grease in the eggs." "No problem!" I say. "I'll just pour some into the pan!".

Um. I had forgotten that we had JUST poured off the grease, and that glass bowls transfer heat really, really well.

I grabbed the bowl in my right hand, in "pouring" position (i.e.: fingers in bowl, above the liquid, heel of hand and thumb on outside of bowl), and lifted it. I suddenly realized that HEY! This is HOT!!! and started to DROP. THE. BOWL. I realized that this was bad, because a) Himself was RIGHT THERE, and b) grease I quickly grabbed the bowl with my right hand, dunking my fingers INTO the hot grease. :head desk:

I managed to get the grease to the counter without splashing it everywhere (just some on the floor - which the dogs cleaned up, along with the eggs - my elbow bumped Himself in my gyrations to NOT splatter him - and some on the counter as I slammed it down, because HOT! BURN! HOT HOTHOTHOTOMGTHISISHOT!!!)

SG came in the door about this time, saw me at the sink running cold water over my hand and cussing like a sailor, and said "What happened?" Herself filled him in, he asked how bad, and I said "ER. Now." I HATE our ER - they are incompetent at the best of times - so he KNEW it was bad.

The burns could have been worse. I had a bowl of water with an ice pack with me that I kept my hand in, and they got me into a room right away. It had a sink, so I kept refilling the bowl with fresh, cold water. The (stupid) nurse decided that saline solution was better than plain water (hint: it's NOT)....THAT wasn't fun. They did tell me I did the right thing by pulling my ring off (even though it hurt like the dickens) - my fingers had swollen enough that they would have had to cut it off, otherwise (it's a Celtic Knot ring, not very valuable, but it has a lot of sentimental value. I didn't want it cut.)

The pain was bad enough that I *begged* for meds - even though I am allergic to them. They gave me a Vicodin and 2 Benadryl tablets - neither one worked. :sigh: It didn't touch the pain, and I itched all night long. :big sigh:

I had to try and sleep with my hand in a bucket of ice water....not fun, and very little sleep was had. I finally got some relief by using ice-cold Aloe Vera "after sun" creme on the burns, then dunking my hand in the icey-ist cold water I could get. The Sivadene cream they gave me burned Wednesday night, but felt good Thursday. I threw out the directions - "apply 2x/day"- and went with "Apply liberally whenever it hurts". :lol:

I took some photos on Friday - *I* can't really see the burns, but wanted to share anyway:

burn ring finger

burn pinkie pad

burn pinkie

burn middle finger

God is GOOD, however - Saturday morning I had a large blister on the pad of my pinkie. Today? It's GONE. It's a little tender, but NO BLISTER. I popped a small blister at the base of my pinkie, and I have 2 more forming - 1 on the pinkie knuckle and 1 on the ring finger knuckle (which....just popped itself. :sigh:); oh, and it looks like I have some more forming on the middle finger (at least 2, I think)....BUT. There is no pain. A little stiffness, and I can't use warm water in a shower, but NO PAIN. I've decided to not worry, and just be thankful.

I have a very upset baby goat in the bathroom, and a doe due to pop any minute (I went ahead and induced Risky, because she has spent the last 3 days laying around and moaning. Yes, they'll be a few days (6) early. No, I'm not worried - I want a healthy milker, babies are just a bonus. :sigh: And me with only 1 good hand.........

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