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:sigh: Trainwrecks are No Fun!

Updated count:

doelings: 4 (+1 dead)
bucklings: 1 (+2 dead) you know, I induced Risky Saturday evening. I did it after a LOT of soul-searching; her due date (day 150) was 5/10; they can go 5 days before - 5 days after (but after the fiasco that was Mocha and Annie a few years ago, NONE of my goats will go more than 36 hours or so over their due date.) SG and I had a HUGE fight over this, but Risky had started showing signs of early labor on Monday (pawing, avoiding the other goats, not *eating*) and by Saturday all she was doing was laying in one sot moaning. I decided that having her pop on day 144 (which would have been today, and still early) would be better than making her wait any longer. (When you induce, you give them Lute. 36 hours later (or so), you have babies. I NEVER do it willy-nilly, I always make sure we're within (or close) to day 145 or later, and I make sure I have a damn good reason to induce. This year, I did Inara, because we weren't going to be home on her due date (she went the day before), I did Annie (because I will NOT let her go over - she's a smaller goat, and I don't want to lose her like we did Mocha), and I did Zoe because she was due tomorrow, and, again - we aren't going to be home.)

Anyway. I noticed some goo behind Risky yesterday morning, but attributed it to Zoe, who had kidded 10 feet away. At noon, she was still moaning, and she was having a lot of "doggy" poops (normal goat poop is pelleted, FYI), so we put her on an hourly watch. At 2, SG yelled "GOOP!", so I grabbed my stuff and settled in to watch.

At 3, still nothing, so I very carefully checked her (an aside - nitrile gloves + burn? = ripened blisters. :sigh: I had no choice.) - I could feel a "bubble" about 1" inside. I did NOT poke it to see what was IN it, because I still have a lack of feeling in my hand, but hey! Bubble! Close to out! At 4, she was pushing, but NOTHING was happening.

SG got mad, because "if you hadn't induced, this wouldn't have happened." That's not how this works. Nothing is happening because SOMETHING is wrong. I told him we needed help, because it had been going on too long with no progress, and he argued with me. :sigh: (He refuses to read up on goat care, because - and I quote - "Nature will take it's course. We shouldn't interfere." :bangs head repeatedly: (And, it has to be HIS decision, because if *I* make the decision, and the outcome is anything less than perfect, I'll hear about it forEVER. Case in point: Studio. Yes, I STILL hear about my poor choice of contractor, even though HE made the final decision. Silly? Yes, but I cope.)

At 5, we brought the milkers in 1 at a time (we had all the other goats locked in the smaller pen) - still no progress. He finally - at 5:30! - had me call our *dog* vet, who, surprise! Wasn't available. He called our mentor, who said she couldn't do anything *I* couldn't do...but he neglected to mention my burns. :major head banging: At 6 - after a LOUD argument, that ended with me saying "Well, we're going to lose both Risky AND any kids she's carrying, because *I* can't *feel* what's going on, and SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT." - he FINALLY agreed to call the large animal vet in town...which, of course, was closed (ya think? 6:00 on a Sunday evening?)...BUT. The cow doctor had his number listed as the emergency vet - and he actually ANSWERED his phone! (Thank God for that!)

SG grabbed the Jeep. He got mad at me - again. :sigh: - when I started putting puppy pads down in the back (um.....Risky is all gross at this point, with goo and poop. I get that it's MY Jeep, and I am not car proud, but.....Really? Kidding is messy on a good day - this was not a good day.), then I helped him heft her into the back. We met Dr. C at the clinic, and that man is a wonder. Within 2 minutes he had delivered a breech bucking (unfortunately dead). He told me I had felt the butt, and the feet were stuck down below - I probably wouldn't have been able to reposition them with my hand. He went back in, and quickly pulled out a doeling - barely alive. He plopped her on the ground and told SG to dry her off (he...just stood there, until I forced a towel on him. :sigh:) 1 more time....another doeling, also dead.

My Jeep is....well, SG "cleaned" it,'s a Jeep. I really don't care, but we'll never be able to get much as a trade-in now. :lol: Baby spent the night in bed beside me (because I am terrified we're going to lose her, too); Risky is sore, but still with us. My hand is....well, I'm sure I'm going to have a bunch of scars. The glove ripened 7 blisters, and 5 of them popped. I couldn't put anything on them until this AM (because I didn't want baby to ingest any of the cream) so....:shrug: I don't see that I had a choice - it was that or lose Risky (and we could have, anyway, since I couldn't feel what I was doing. SG refuses to even TRY to help, and Herself helped once and said never again. Himself? Is honestly too sensitive to even try, but at least he would have tried to get Risky up on her feet so I had an easier time of it. Ah, well - I knew that from when we first got goats.) At least Risky is alive, and we have a doeling.

Oh, and to top it off? The insurance adjuster came out on Friday, and not only were the barns damaged, but we need a new roof. :fun: And it's my fault that the adjuster came out.....even though I simply did what I was told and reported the barn damage. I......don't get it, but such is life.

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