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So. How's it going?

:lol: Yesterday was a bit of a quicky, update-wise. Let's do a little bit better today, shall we?

1. Bathroom Baby: Doing well. I think she's got something going on with her right eye; she doesn't open it all the way and it tears up a lot. I put some Gentamycian in it, in the hopes that it'll help. It doesn't seem to bother her, but it bothers ME. She can get up and down now, and she's starting to discover her anti-grav feet. :lol:

2. Sewing: I told you I made a bag a week or 2 ago (did I show you, though? Can't remember.....); well, Saturday I made 2 more. Same Simplicity pattern, but I modified the assembly (because the instructions are...well, stupid. They have you sew the bottom together, then the top, THEN attach the top to the bottom. Um. I'm not the best sewer, so maybe it's just me, but I can't get the stupid side seams to match up when I do it that way. By sewing the top to the bottom, THEN sewing the 2 sides together, it looks much better and was easier to do.) I also lengthened the straps - the pattern ones make the bag snug up into your armpit when you carry it. I.....don't like that. So, I have a new bag (that needs buttons) and Herself has a crochet bag (that also needs buttons)...and I have the fabric for 2 more. (1 more for me, and 1 as a present.) I need to work on my zipper insertion, but the bags work and look - if I do say so myself! - nice. (Buttons are forthcoming. I sketched out 2 more styles, and Herself is going to carve the stamps and get them made in the next day or 2.) (2 color work project bags and 1 sweater bag, if you're interested in why I need 3 bags. We will not discuss how many sock bags I have.....because it got a little silly there for a while. Let's just say that I can knit socks for the rest of the year and not reuse a bag. Maybe 2 years.....:lol:)

3. Mixer: Did I mention that SG finally replaced my KitchenAid mixer a few months ago? Well, I had an Artisan - nice, smallish, but nice - that Himself and I managed to overload with a loaf of Rye bread. After a lot of arguing, SG finally replaced it for me (I mean, really - we can afford $200 for a new RC controller, and $99 for a new quad-copter, and $65 for a simulation program, but we can't afford $250 for a mixer the SAME WEEKEND????? I swear.....:grumble:); I found a RED Professional 5.5 quart model for $259. I. LOVE. IT. LOVE it!! I can mix up 2 loaves of bread in under 10 minutes with this thing - it's fantastic!!! Himself used it to make some Pretzels....and HE loves it, too. :lol: (Herself is still scared of it). (Why the love today? Because I have 2 loaves of bread rising right now...with no effort on my part.)

4. Knitting: Still slogging along on SG's socks...I HATE them. :sigh: At least I'm on the foot of #2 now.......I wanna play with COLOR. With TEXTURE. I wanna knit something FUN!!!!! :lol: I need to whip out a pair of fingerless gloves for a friend who was just diagnosed with mouth cancer, but then it's SOCKS. With color. And then with texture.

5. Roof: The check was sent off to the mortgage company yesterday, so hopefully they can get started SOON. It has rained EVERY DAY here since....well.....April or so. Some days it was just sprinkles - but Rain. Which we NEED, but not all at once. I am NOT complaining, mind you - but Rain. I think N. Texas is now pretty much out of the drought - I know 1 lake is 2' OVER it's "full" level - which is good.

6. SSI: The meeting yesterday went OK; the application will be sent to the agent that makes the determination as soon as they get some forms back. I.....have hope, but I'm not counting on approval yet. ASD stuff is kind of hard to quantify - I KNOW she can't work for someone/with strangers, but how do SSA know that? :sigh:

I think that pretty much catches us up. I am VERY glad I journal everything - I spent a few hours yesterday trolling my archives for SSA. Yes, I put stuff out here - and I'm glad I did. Let's hope it helped!

ETA Forgot something!

7. New program: I found a program - Printopia for Mac (not sure if it's for Windoze, too). This program/app makes it so that ANY printer hooked up to your Mac becomes an Air printer (that is, wireless so that ANY device you have can print to it). I have a very old HP LaserJet 4L hooked up to the router (or.....something. I really don't know WHAT it's hooked up to; I just know that any of our computers can print to it, but the tablets couldn't.); now? ALL the tablets can see it and print wirelessly to it (as long as either my Air or SG's iMac is on. Since his is on all. the. time, this isn't an issue. :happy dance:

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