Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Still here....and tired....

because we've been BUSY. Let's see...Saturday was errand day. We had car-work done, then went clothes shopping (it's INSANE how much clothes cost AND how the manufacturers have messed with sizing. Women's, anyway. See, I've lost 10 pounds. I KNOW they're gone - my old clothes are LOOSE. Problem - new clothes labels are *2* sizes larger than the old, almost worn out shorts. Seriously....I wish they'd come up with standardized sizing - it's a bit of a downer to try on clothes in my OLD size and they NOT fit, when a) my 3 year old shorts are 2 sizes smaller and LOOSE and b) I've lost weight and a few inches. :grumble:) We also hit Harbor Freight to pick up some tools for SG - and to look at anvils for Himself.

See, he's all of a sudden developed a desire to try blacksmithing (OK, forging - but blacksmithing is easier for folks to understand). I have a gas-powered mini-forge on order for him, but he needs tools, too. Harbor Freight has a small anvil for $59; Himself said, well, maybe it'll work. I dunno. THEN he got upset because we didn't buy it for him. kinda need to tell me you want to TRY it, y'know?? :sigh:

Sunday was a visit-day - we had some friends over. Good times, but exhausting. The dogs managed to destroy the pet door (they were locked out, and Not Happy.) so I had to spend Sunday evening whipping up a new flap (this one is upholstery fabric, because it's all I had on hand that was even remotely OK for this. Now we have a FLORAL pet door flap...ah, well. It's green-based, so it fits the room, AND it matches the sofa pillows. :lol:

Yesterday...ah, yesterday was Clean the Barn day, because it didn't RAIN. Praise God! (Although we still need some rain, but it's not desperate like before.) I moved Netanya (Hebrew for "Gift of God" - I don't normally do names like this, but she kinda needed it, if you get what I'm trying to say. She IS, and the name fits her.) out to the barn for play time; she ended up out there all night, and did well, so I guess I no longer have a house-goat. We also got the tin to repair the hay barn roof and the milk room roof (a new skylight panel! I will have a light in the milk room again!!)

Knitting: I finished (Finally!!) SG's socks on Sunday, and started a pair of fingerless gloves yesterday...the first one is almost done. :!: I have a pair of socks ready to start, another one I need to wind the yarn for, AND a pair of felted slippers ready to start.

I finished 2 more bags - 1 for me, 1 for a gift - that just need buttons.

I *think* that gets me caught up, except for photos, which I will try to do tomorrow. Today it's overcast - again! - and we're waiting on the dryer repairman. Oh, yeah - the dryer went out on Thursday. :sigh: We moved my clothesline yesterday AM, so I spent most of the afternoon hanging clothes/taking them down (because I was out of things to wear. :sigh:) Hope he can fix it today - the kids are almost out of clothes, and rain is forecasted every day for the next 10.

Hugs to all who need them. Ali, are you taking some time out for YOU? Are you still crocheting? Hearthie, good luck at the Fair!

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