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Happy Birthday, America!

I'm sorry! So sorry....

Anyway...........I have come to the conclusion that I am broken and have no warranty. The pool was successfully drained Saturday night (the rain we had Friday kinda snafu'd the we made a new one. Dad helped me rearrange the bloody thing, then the hose, we started fillin'.

The *&*^*(&&)( pool was lopsided - the side near the filter only hit 18" before it started spilling over. *sigh*

So, I pulled the plug AGAIN. (For those keeping count, this weekend I have flooded my front yard with approximately 5,000 gallons of water. *sigh*)

Sunday afternoon, I tugged, and pulled, and fluffed and patted, then got the kids out to help me while we re-refilled the stupid bloody pool. Yeah, that really worked.

The pool is now 2' deep. The filter side - again - is warped out of shaped. So, no swimming for me - it ain't deep enough. The cover doesn't fit, because the pool is out of round. I give up - I can't afford to keep filling it up (it takes approx. 3,500 gallons, at $40/3,500 according to my water company. Fun stuff!)

Somehow yesterday afternoon, I popped something in my wrist. At least, I think it popped - it's swollen (slightly) and bruised (slightly again - under the skin. The tan hides a lot, but I have blotches now that look faintly purple-ish). The pain - oh, the pain. Not fun stuff at all. Plus, I have 2 fingers (one on each hand) blistered and torn.

I need to call TWC tomorrow and see what I need to do. Since Dr. Doofus isn't interested in fixing me, I need to find someone else.

Ah, well - at least the kids can enjoy the pool. I can sit on the bench and catch up on my reading. (Himself is tall enough, and the water shallow enough that he can sit on his knees and his head is still above the water. *sigh*)

Oh, and the kicker? My across the street neighbors sat there and laughed at us yesterday. Jerks.....I've talked with them briefly; my next door neighbor has talked more, and they know my problems. Ah, well......don't need 'em anyway. The kids'll enjoy the pool this year, and I'll pay someone to help me next year (if I budget it in now, I'll have a nice bit next year.)

Off to soak the wrist. Wonder what colors it'll be tomorrow??
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