Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

We are safe and Dry!

We've had intermittent internet the past few weeks - today it is Dry! and the 'net is fine; I expect it to go down again soon, when they finally come out to replace our roof. The check is at the Post Office, so hopefully they will get us on the list and get it done soon.

Anyway - I will take advantage of the internet, and do a Photo Post! Been promising for a while - so, enjoy!

Let's see....first up, goat kids happened:

Here's April (Showers):

goat April Showers

Then the twins, Rain:

goat Rain

and Thunder (boy):

Goat - Thunder

Then May (Flowers):

Goats May Flowers

and last, but certainly NOT least, Netanya (AKA "bathroom baby"):

Goat Netanya

These photos are a couple of weeks old, but at least I HAVE photos. I'm going to try to get newer ones today/tomorrow - the twins need to be moved out, and I need new photos for that.

Then, knitting happened (in no particular order):

Travel socks, using the Van Gogh Sunflower yarn:

2015 Van Gogh socks front

2015 Van Gogh socks back

French Press Felted Slippers:

Before felting:
2015 slippers prefelted

After felting:

2015 slippers finished

2015 slippers felted

2015 slipper closeup

Herself made the buttons - they are cherry blossoms. LOVE them!

Another set of "Reading Mitts" for a friend with cancer:

2015 reading mitts 2

Trip up the Nile socks:

2015 Nile socks front

2015 Nile socks back

And finally, SG's Dallas Cowboy's socks:

2015 cowboy socks

Herself crocheted the stars, so I didn't have to futz with them. He loves them, so it's all good.

Herself has also been busy, but we've had to try and time the kiln use to in-between storms. NOT easy - this has been the wettest May in...well, DECADES. As an aside, Texas went from EXTREME Drought over most of the state to.......(y'all from CA might want to scroll past this next bit).........lakes at cresting levels and overflowing their banks and flooding areas and drowning people. In 30 days. We've gotten more rain in May then we usually get all Spring...and more this month then we've gotten in the last few YEARS, total. Something like 23". :blink: Anyway:

Pre-fired buttons:

buttons unfired

Same buttons after a trip thru the kiln:

buttons fired

She's got 2 levels in there - and needs to do at least 1 more batch before our friend gets down here in June. I have bought some bisque-ware banks; mine is glazed and needs firing, hers isn't started yet. :lol: I'd like her to fire it soon......

Oh - one more photo. We work HARD in our school:

Loki hitting the books

Really hit the books.....:lol:

Seriously, that's what we've been up to the past month or so - and trying to stay dry. I think I caught up on photos - for the moment. I have some yarn I need to dye, but that'll be later. Gotta get back to knitting - the Nile socks won't knit themselves! :rofl:

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