Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

:yawn: So. tired.

because we spent 6 hours Sunday night/Monday morning at the ER with Herself. She's got something going on in her lower GI....with blood. :aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!: Of course, it was our ER...which is not so....good. :sigh: 2.5 hours before we got INTO the ER, then another hour before the doc even came in. (And...they were NOT busy. Most patients went to the "fast track" rooms; only 3 went back to the ER proper. Of those 3, 1 was out by 10, 1 poor guy was discharged at 8, but taken back to a room at 11 because there was no one to take him back to his nursing home (I mean, really? REALLY? The 2 sheriffs deputies that were hanging out at Denny's at 2 AM couldn't take the 45 minutes round trip to get him home?????) and the 3rd was a 35-week pregnant lady that got whisked to L&D. (As she should've been.)

Herself got an IV at 11:30.....then potassium at 1. Then we were discharged at 1:45, knowing nothing more than we did when we arrived. Seriously. SLOW and - dare I say it? - incompetent isn't even enough to cover our ER...which is why I don't go there unless I feel we need help NOW. (Not that "NOW"'s usually 2 hours from when we get there. :sigh:)

I got 2.5 hours sleep Monday AM, so last night at 7 I crashed and burned. Feel better today - but Herself is still lethargic. :sigh: She has an appt. Thursday with her doctor, so that's good, and one with an endocrinologist next Tuesday, so hopefully we'll find out *something*.

Anyway. Today is take-the-aunt-shopping day, but Herself will be barricading herself in the bathroom. The roofers are supposed to replace our roof on Monday - should be fun! I am 10 rounds from the toe on Nile sock #1 (thanks to the ER visit. I had LOTS of knitting time! Too bad I had to quit around midnight -I was at the point I couldn't count to 2. :sigh:) And laundry. :sigh:

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