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Things I've accomplished today:

1. Got Herself's closet weeded out and the uniforms neatly hung

2. Placed an order for some more crafty-junk I don't need but the price was too good to pass up. *g* (abc distributing, for those who care.....they're evil, I tell you - evil!)

3. Started the pool draining *again* (My dear, sweet, wonderful ILs are coming out Saturday to set it up properly for me...have I mentioned how wonderful they are??) I'll take out a loan to pay the water bill.......

4. Wasted 1/4 tank of gas driving in to work only to find out the A/C is, once again DEAD (it was over 95* in there at 7 freaking 30 in the morning!!)

So, I'm home. I'm about to take a nap - nothing else to do here at the moment. *g*

When I go pick up the kidlets, I'll be dropping off all their outgrown clothing at the women's and children's shelter - I know they could use the clothes, and I could use the good karma.

Have fun, ya'll! I'll try the office again tomorrow....let's hope the A/C is fixed and Working!
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