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Sewing blather

you've been warned! :lol:

H, YES, please!!! I have...curves. Think Marilyn - my "girls" are, well, I am 8" larger at the widest part of my bust than my under bust, which means that most RTW and patterns just don't *fit* correctly. (Most patterns are sized for a C-cup....yeah, not so much with the fitting. A C-cup is 3" difference.....:sigh:) I also have HIPS, and a "rumble-seat". :lol: If I find pants to fit my hips, the waist gaps, but if they fit my waist, I can't get them over the hips. :sigh: So, at some point I am going to HAVE to start sewing clothes for me. (I think there's 12" or more between my waist and hip measurement.....curvy? Yup.)(Also, most women are wearing the wrong cup size - most stores assume that a "D" is the largest cup's not. :wink:)

I LOVE Gertie's sundress pattern in the book, only I need straps. And a longer skirt, but...I prefer tea-length to knee-length. I LOVE the 50's look - that cute top with full skirt! - but honestly? I live in shorts/pants. Dresses are fun, but not so practical with the horses/goats (I know some people do it, but......not me. Not right now, anyway.)

I am currently living in unstructured clothes - t-shirts and loose shorts - even though I love the look of the 50's silhouette. Just....I can't wear a corset every day. :lol:

I have books on altering patterns, and I have a working knowledge of it (I did regrade my Bombshell swimsuit - I was 1 size at the waist, and another at the bust and hips, so I re-drew the lines to get a perfectly-fitting suit. It wasn't as hard as I thought - but I am leery of attempting that with pants. I'll get there - eventually!)...I just need to get more comfortable with my machine and with actually assembling things. And get over the "must go fast!" mindset I have.......

Anyway - help would be MOST appreciated! Tips/suggestions - lay it on me, girl! I'd love it!

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