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It's TOO bloody HOT....

because our A/C went out yesterday. :sigh: It was 92* INSIDE this AM......and the A/C guy JUST finished baling-wiring it back together. We are seriously considering getting it replaced (to the point that the guy is working up the numbers, and SG is on the phone getting approved for financing serious) - because folks, THIS is TEXAS, and it's only June. My electric bill is currently right at $300/month....and it WILL go up, because it WILL get hotter. :sigh: The guy claims a heat pump will cut costs at least 40%....I hope so.

Anyway.....I will try to get photos posted tomorrow. I came home from the Fabric Outlet with 5 yards of "food" fabric, 3 yards of penguin fabric, 2 yards of a coordinating color, 3 yards of spandex lining, 2 yards of patterned spandex, and a scant yard of rose spandex.....for $100. I'm not sure how the patterned spandex will work for a swimsuit - it's a large print - or if I have enough of the rose, but I'll try to get at least 1 complete suit out of them. I need to go back to get some actual clothing fabric (H, the patterns arrived! THANK YOU!!!! The wrap dress is one I've looked at, but not gotten around to buying yet. :lol:)...but that'll be later. I think the A/C is more important. I've sewn 5 grocery bags and 3 insulated grocery bags so far.

And H, I blame YOU for my current obsession with vintage sewing books. I have found quite a few downloadable ones (from the late 1800's and early 1900's), and I have bought...1 so far. Plus the 2 draft-your-own patterns (and I'm looking at others, but I want to read vintage books to see if that's really what my foremothers had to do before I go whole-hog.) I have modern how-to sew books, but....I want to see what people in the '40s and '50s had to learn from. Hey, if I'm going to sew up a vintage-inspired wardrobe (eventually), I want to know how they are expected to sew them. Besides, I'm a book junkie.......I am afraid. VERY afraid - I'm already out of room on my bookshelves. This could get....messy. :lol:

Oh, for all y'all gamers - IF you are into Disney Infinity (3.0 is coming! Star Wars!!!!!!) you might want to get to Game Stop. From now until July 9 all used Infinity characters are buy 3 or more, get them for 50% off. Um.....we have kinda gone off the deep end. We do NOT own Disney Infinity - yet - but we have prepaid a deposit on 3.0. (What? It's STAR WARS. Of COURSE we'll be buying it!) We bought 13 characters and 2 location markers for $80 - which sounds like a lot, until you realize that most of the characters are $19.99; some are $12.99 but the popular ones (like the Avengers!) are $19.99. The Avengers starter pack (Black Widow, Iron Man, and Avengers Tower) is $39.99 new; we got all 3 for $16 used. MUCH more economical! Especially since I was holding out for Star Wars to be added - with Infinity, you have to buy a new game every time they upgrade the characters. They say that it IS backward-character compatible, so.....we are trying to get our favorite characters NOW in anticipation of 3.0.

AAAAAANNNNNNNND - we are getting a 2-stage heat pump. They'll be out to install it on Monday...we are now a little bit more in debt, but what could we do? August is coming......

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